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Named docents by minimum level

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Named Docents grouped by minimum level

+1 Starter DocentDelighter's DocentInitiate's DocentLousy Chain Docent?

Diabolist's DocentFlamekeep DocentLost Docent of the MastermindSpellshield Docent

Disc of Acid WardingDocent of BloodDocent of Shadow (level 4)Morleth's DocentMournlode Docent (Level 4)

Blademark's DocentTarnished Blademark's DocentThick Skin (level 5)

Crystalline CacophonyDisc of EnhancementDocent of AcidDocent of the TombEssence of the ScoutSplinterskull Docent

Brilliant Docent of the DawnDocent of Shadow (level 8)DuskExecutioner's DocentFiltration ModuleGorgon DocentMournlode Docent (Level 8)Mournlode Docent (level 8)Nightforge Docent

Docent of DefenseDocent of DefianceDocent of GraceDragoncraft DocentDragoncrafted DocentDreadcursed DefenderElfcraft DocentElfcrafted DocentEmissary's StoneGiantcraft DocentGiantcrafted DocentMemory of Fine RegaliaMemory of Hiding in DarknessScale-Stone of AvariceScale-Stone of MaliceThick Skin (level 10)Titanic Docent

Docent of CorpsecraftDocent of QuickeningDocent of Shadow (level 12)Frostflame DocentMournlode Docent (Level 12)Mournlode Docent (level 12)

Beholder Plate DocentBlack Dragonscale DocentBlue Dragonscale DocentDocent of InsightFleshshaper's DocentInfused Chaos DocentWhite Dragonscale Docent

Creation Forge DocentEnigma CoreEntropic HeartstoneHeartwoodIronheartLivewood Core (Level 15)Plasma CoreThick Skin (level 15)Umbral SoulWildheart

Docent of Shadow (level 16)Docent of the ClawDocent of the FlamesDragontouched DocentLivewood Core (Level 16)Mournlode Docent (Level 16)Mournlode Docent (level 16)Outsider's Furs (Level 16)Templar's Docent

Livewood Core (Level 17)

Quorforged Docent of BattleStone Exoskeleton

Ancient GemstoneDocent of Shadow (level 20)Epic Blademark's DocentEpic Diabolist's DocentEpic Docent of GraceEpic Mournlode DocentEpic Mournlode Docent (Level 20)Epic Red Dragonscale DocentEpic Templar's DocentThick Skin (level 20)

Livewood Core (Level 22)Stone Heart

Cormyrian Green Dragonscale DocentCormyrian Red Dragonscale DocentLivewood Core (Level 23)Restored Dragoncraft DocentRestored Elfcraft DocentRestored Giantcraft Docent

Docent of Shadow (level 24)Livewood Core (Level 24)

Epic Crystalline CacophonyFlawless Black Dragonscale DocentFlawless Blue Dragonscale DocentFlawless White Dragonscale DocentThick Skin (level 25)

Cyran Guard (Level 26)Epic Energized Temple DocentEpic Quenched Temple DocentEpic Stone ExoskeletonShadowscale Docent

Cyran Guard (Level 27)Docent of the Celestial AvengerOutsider's Furs (Level 27)

Cyran Guard (Level 28)Epic Docent of InsightEpic Etched Temple DocentEpic Smoldering Temple DocentLegendary Emissary's StoneLegendary Entropic HeartstoneLegendary Executioner's DocentLegendary HeartwoodLegendary Scale-Stone of AvariceLegendary Scale-Stone of MaliceMemory of a Tailor's Duress

Docent of the Celestial SageLegendary Dreadcursed DefenderLegendary Enigma CoreLegendary IronheartLegendary Memory of Fine RegaliaLegendary Memory of Hiding in DarknessLegendary Plasma CoreLegendary Umbral SoulLegendary Wildheart

Thick Skin (level 30)

Energized Temple DocentEtched Temple DocentSmoldering Temple Docent

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