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Mummy's Curse

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Mummy's Curse: This is a condition that prevents a player character from being able to be healed. A curse will persist until cured by spell or potion, or a shrine is used.

(Effects): You receive a penalty from Mummy's Curse.
(Effects): --- Penalty modifier to Positive Energy Vulnerability: -10,050%
(Combat): You are resistant to healing spells because of a mummy's curse. You can have the curse removed by using a Remove Curse potion, getting a Remove Curse spell cast on you, or by resting at a shrine.

Note: Mummies have a second similar special melee attack called Mummy Rot. Do not confuse this as the curse half of Mummy Rot, as they are separate things in DDO (In PNP they are combined). Mummy's Curse is simply -50% incoming healing curse which may be removed with remove curse. Mummy Rot requires Remove Curse and then Remove Disease.