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Minotaur Wavefinder

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  • Avast, thar treasure had best be real.
  • I'll swab the decks with ye!
  • Pillage and plunder, that be the pirate's life for me.
  • What be that foul smell? By the worm-ridden bowels of the the Two Toed Tobias, that be me!
  • Ye pox-ridden scallywag!
  • I'll send yer worm-infested soul to the Devourer!
  • Ye'll be swimming with the sahuagin!

Type: Monstrous Humanoid (List)

Race: Minotaur (List)

Monster Manual classification: Event only monster

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Rare: No

CR:  ♦19Normal

Attack: Greataxe Slashing, Throwing Axe (Slashing), Spells -  Cyclonic Blast, Acid Rain, Ball Lightning, Ice Storm, Hold Monster, Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Chain Lightning, Protection from Energy: FireNormal

Special Qualities: Spellcasting (Wizard), Non-hostile until provoked

Habitat: Smuggler's Rest — Only available while the Treasure of Crystal Cove event is running

Description: A privateer looking to strike it rich with the treasure of Crystal Cove by unearthing the Treasure Map Pieces buried on Smuggler's Rest island. He spams massive damage AOE spells if anyone gets in the way of his goal.