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Micah d'Jorasco

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Micah d'Jorasco.jpg

Name: Micah d'Jorasco

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): From Beyond the Grave

Affiliation(s): House Jorasco

Location: House Jorasco Enclave, at the top of the Chapterhouse - Her location can be accessed via a path that leads up to the top of the chapterhouse, starting behind Derek Grospic and to the left of the chapterhouse.

House Jorasco Enclave[edit]

If you try to talk to her while at level 8 or lower, she will reply:

  • Micah d'Jorasco: Of course I look worried. You'd be worried too if... oh, but I'm sure the city guard is able to deal with it. Please, leave me for now. I require some time alone to collect my thoughts.

If you are at level 9 or higher, however, she will reply:

  • Micah d'Jorasco:

"You received my summons, this is good. Trouble is brewing in the graveyard and I need the skill and steel of brave adventures to stop Deathshade's evil. You may remember him as the necromancer, Moonshadow who turned currupt and became the creature Deathshadow. I fear he has returned."

"He commands an army of the dead; the buried criminals and vagabonds of stormreach of old. It is a burial place the few know about... such is the fate of those who die anonymous, penniless or unloved in this city. Deathshade seeks revenge on those who killed him. With the funeral pyres extinguished, his undead minions know no fear and continue their assault. We were able to bar the gates to the rest of Delera's Graveyard but I fear they cannot hold forever. And should Deathshade reach the main cemetary, all is lost."

Talking to her after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make she say:

  • Micah d'Jorasco: "There is a path to Penitent's Rest Cemetary down in Delera's Graveyard. Follow it and look for the iron gate. Beyond lies Deathshade's minions."

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Micah d'Jorasco: "Thanks to Balinor you stopped Deathshade's madness"

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Micah d'Jorasco: "Deathshade is no more. For this, the people of House Jorasco, indeed all of Stormreach are grateful."