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Rare Encounter Lotigath.jpeg

Type: Monstrous Humanoid (List)

Race: Gargoyle (List)

Monster Manual classification: Missing from MM: Gargoyle

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Color Type: Orange - Named Enemy

Rare: Yes

CR:  ♦4Normal

Attack: Claw (Slashing), Rend (Slashing + Slicing Blow)

Special Qualities: DR ♦3Normal/Magic, Stone Form (Regeneration + DR ♦100Normal/-)

Habitat: The Cerulean Hills — On the Garden of Stone

Description: Lotigath, Ancient Chipped Gargoyle, will speak with you and insult you. If you challenge him you can fight him but he will surrender and does not have a chest. If you admit that you are too weak for the Cerulean Hills, the rare encounter will complete without a fight. While he doesn't appear in the Monster Manual (as you don't actually kill him) you can still see his HP if you have Gargoyle Expertise.

Cerulean Hills[edit]

Before fighting with Lotigath:

  • Lotigath: Who wakes Lotigath?
    • You: I am <name>, the <class>. Praytell, what exactly are you?
      • Lotigath: I am Lotigath, and I am GARGOYLE! We are ancient, carved from the stones of Eberron. And I will still be here in the eons to come, waiting to challenge those who cross my path.
        • You: Interesting. Why didn't you attack me then?
          • Lotigath: I only fight the strong. Your race is weak! You are like those who came before, those who were destroyed by orcs.
            • You: Is that so? You'll learn to respect a <race> after I crush you. (starts fight)
            • You: Perhaps you're right. The Cerulean Hills are too dangerous for a <race>. (completes rare encounter without a fight and ends conversation)

After dealing enough damage to Lotigath to make him submit:

  • Lotigath: Enough..., enough. You are more powerful than I could have imagined.
  • Lotigath: I am... humbled by your power.