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Lolth's Immanence

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Lolth's Immanence.jpg

Type: Aberration (List)

Race: Drider (List)

Monster Manual classification: Drider

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♦35Epic Normal ♥39Epic Hard


  • Orb beams: Multiple rapid beams originating from an orb in her hands containing a random attack from: Trap:Electric, Trap:Sonic, Trap:Fire, Trap:Cold, Trap:Acid, Trap:Spellpoint, Arcane Shockwave, Soul Drain. Targets of the attack are random players within line of sight. The attack will stop prematurely if no one is within her line of sight
  • Eye Beams: 3 beams containing a random attack from: Trap:Electric, Trap:Sonic, Trap:Fire, Trap:Cold, Trap:Acid, Trap:Spellpoint, Arcane Shockwave. Target of the attack is the person that has Lolth's aggro and is within line of sight.
  • Soul Summoning: Lolth summons some spider souls (3-8) or some drow souls (2). If too many total souls already exist (more than 14) then some of them are sacrificed to make room for the new souls giving Lolth 25% of her health back and the Favor of the Goddess buff. Target of the attack is the person that has Lolth's aggro. If the souls appear on top of him/her, they will be 3. If the souls appear in front of Lolth, they will be 8. The souls perform their own aggro checks and will not necessarily attack the target of Lolth's attack.
  • Trap:Evil: AOE evil trap. Target of the attack is the person with Lolth's aggro with or without line of sight.
  • Spell Ward: Random spell ward appears. Target of the attack is the person with Lolth's aggro, doesn't have line of sight and that person is far away from Lolth (starting from the webs leading to the lower islands from both Lolth battles) but not too far away (in which case she will aggro someone else).

Special Qualities:

Habitat: Caught in the Web

The first encounter with Lolth
Lolth vs. Ana

Note: Lolth's Immanence, as a raid boss, has different scripting for aggro than any regular monster.DDO Forums This prevents people from hiding and manipulating her attacks. While her eye beam and Spell Ward attacks are reserved for the person with real aggro, her other attacks like the evil trap or the soul summoning may occasionally target other party members including Ana. The chance of her attacking someone else is low though, thus not invalidating the use of a Lolth tank when you want the party to focus on some other other task like killing trash or draining artifacts.

Leg of the Goddess[edit]

Immediately following the first fight with Lolth's Immanence, Lolth will attack the party with her eight legs. Upon destruction, each of the legs will turn into a Bebilith Soul. You can see where the leg is about to pop up if you look at the ground. The party should focus on one leg at a time, because if the leg doesn't die and goes back into the ground it fully heals itself. The safest strategy is to go Leg then Bebilith until all the legs are down. Once all the legs are destroyed, Lolth's Immanence will return for a second fight.

Hand of the Goddess[edit]

Following the second fight with Lolth, her hand will appear. The hand is invulnerable (it can be damaged, but instantly regenerates if damaged much), but can be pulled away from the party with a successful intimidate check ( ♦44Epic Normal). If you lack intimidate, you can damage it via any untyped/force spell damage such as Blade Barrier. If you lack both spell casting and intimidate, you can use certain destiny abilities such as Orchid Blossom from Grandmaster of Flowers or Wild Shots from Shiradi Champion.

As of Update 15, the hand sticks around for a much shorter period of time. It no longer needs to be kited until the end of the raid.