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Locate Objects

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Temporary item created by this dragonmark
Name: Locate Objects
Caster level: ?
Charge: 3/rest or more
Target: Breakable
Duration: Instantaneous; drops on leaving adventure
Found on:
Least Dragonmark of Finding

Three times per rest create one random temporary item when cast on a destroyable object (vase, barrel, etc.)

  • Items can be anything from a masterwork dagger, to a +5 Vorpal Khopesh of Smiting, returning weapons with varying effects, and wands with varying charges (for instance Wand of Cure Light Wounds 2/50 charges or a Wand of Stoneskin (7th) 48/50 charges)
  • Items created through this spell have all the properties/restrictions they would normally carry, but drop upon exiting the quest.
  • Shopkeepers do not buy items found by this effect (in-quest shopkeepers such as those in the Chronoscope). Destroying the item does not add the items to your buyback tab. Temporary items cannot be auctioned (e.g. on the Shard Exchange, which is accessible from any location).