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Kier d'Phiarlan

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Kier d'Phiarlan.jpg

Name: Kier d'Phiarlan

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Fashion Madness

Affiliation(s): House Phiarlan

Location: The Twelve

Description: <Producer>

Kier d'Phiarlan: Let me see.... Strong, dangerous looking, slightly fashionable. You're perfect!
I'm seeking individuals for a but of contract work. The Coin Lord Lady Omaren has decreed that House Phiarlan put on a fashion show in Lordsmarch Plaza. I need some skilled adventurers such as yourself to provide some additional security.
Not only would it be a chance for you to see and be seen by the local powers that be, but I can also offer payments commensurate to your obvious skill.

  • You: The payment sounds good, and it never hurts to hobnob with the Coin Lords. I'm in.
  • You: Why would House Phiarlan hire outsiders to be security for a fashion show?
    • Kier d'Phiarlan: Normally House Phiarlan would deal with event security internally. However, ever since we began the planning for this show, things have been going wrong all over the place. Small accidents here and there ... and then two of our best models wen missing!
      • You: Go on.
        • Kier d'Phiarlan: Then things started getting really strange. One of the models had to be replaced because she started talking about strange creatures coming for her out of every dark corner. She hasn't stopped babbling for two days now.
          I've tried to talk to Lady Omaren into cancelling or at least delaying the show, but she won't hear of it. Given the circumstances, I though it best to bring in as much extra protection as I could.
          • You: I see. It sounds like there's something actually dangerous here. I'll help you.
            • Kier d'Phiarlan: Head to the Fashion Show Staging Area in Lordsmarch Plaza. It's just around the corner from the Harbor Tunnel entrance.
            • You: I'll see you there. (Bestows quest)

If you talk to him after quest is bestowed, but before you finish the quest, he will say:
Kier d'Phiarlan: Why aren't you at the Fashion Show Staging Area in Lordsmarch Plaza yet? If you don't hurry, the show will start without you!