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Khorvaire elf

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This page is provided to give more background information about Khorvaire elves. In DDO, these elves are part of the generic Elf race. DDO game specific information for Khorvaire Elves is given on the Elf page, as well as generic information that is common to all elves and a historical timeline for elves.


Khorvaire Elves do not hold any country as their own. Instead they are spread out throughout all of Khorvaire.


Khorvaire elves tend to identify them selves by their House affiliation first, their national ties second, and then as elves. And so elves from house Breland will have more in common with humans from Breland than with elves from Valenar or even Karrnath.


Elves of Khorvaire carry only one dragonmark - The Mark of Shadow. However it is carried by both House Phiarlan and House Thuranni. (The only dragonmark to be carried by two separate houses).


Khorvaire elves fit in with the society they are living in. Culturally, socially, and philosophically they will closely resemble the humans, elves, or other races they live amongst. Compared to elves of Aerenal or Valenar, these elves seem almost impulsive, although other races would perhaps still consider them a bit long sighted.

For the most part, they have abandoned the ancestor worship of Aerenal. Some of their traditions reflect this past, but it is only a minor nod to those previous ways. They do still see great deeds and important doings as worthy events, but often they are more important for bringing fame and honor to ones nation or house than to ones ancestors.