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Jack Jibbers

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Bedamn the Bloody Tide! 'Tis said that they hid a priceless treasure here, yet there's naught in this hole but common baubles .. Not that you'll get your hands on those, ye lubber! Jack Jibbers leaves none behind to tell the tale! Ye'll fall to me like they all do! Sooner or later every pirate meets his end! And when he does, Jack Jibbers snatches him up for his crew!

Type: Undead (List)

Race: Wraith (List)

Monster Manual classification: Wraith

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Boss: Red Named - Quest Boss

CR:  ♦29Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal ♠68Icon tooltip.pngEpic Elite

Attack: Niac's Cold Ray, Sonic Blast, Daze Monster, Electric Loop, Scorching Ray, Snowball Swarm, Fireball, Frost Lance, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt, Ray of Exhaustion, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Hold Monster, Acid Fog, Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone, Otiluke's Freezing Sphere, Finger of Death, Symbol of Weakness, Waves of Exhaustion[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Waves of Exhaustion" has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!], Otto's Irresistible Dance, Meteor Swarm; Slam (Bludgeoning + Wraith's Lingering Touch + Constitution Drain)

Special Qualities: Incorporeal, DR (variable)/Magic



  • Three-Barrel Cove (epic)
    • Captain of the Blade's Curse.
  • Crystal Cove
    • Eternal Captain of Jolly Jackal.
    • He moves in shortly after you achieve your quota (first star objective of the challenge), usually coming from the West entrance to the main "square".
    • CR is based on challenge level, looks like CR = (challenge level) + 5.
      • Easily the most dangerous monster in the challenge, especially when there are other monsters around.