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Item talk:Ring of Lies

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Where does that +15% threat rumor come from? Did anyone test that? I saw it popping up a year ago on [1], but without any proof. If you have any hint or clue of the existence of the +15% threat property, please let someone know at the forums: [2]. -- 05:35, December 7, 2011 (EST)

Have the ring on my sorc and anecdotally it feels like that, and a few players ingame agreed with me. It's description seems to indicate it, as its similar to the Anathema, which is confirmed to have the same similar effect. Given other Reaver items like madstone boots have hidden effects, its not too far fetched.
Either way: Don't make controversial edits while anonymous. Sign up first, and tag the edit as unverified until we can fully test it, dont just completely delete a sysops edit like that. --Shade 10:11, December 7, 2011 (EST)
My wiki handle has less contributions than those via an IP, as the capcha barrier is not deactivated for me when logged in. There is no benefit in logging in for me. I did not edit this page anonymous, but I rather signed it with my IP address, which is actually much more telling about myself than a login handle.
If you don't want to have contributions from people who are not logged in, why don't you deactivate that option?
I was not aware of the fact that contributions by sysops are considered to be sacred and only to be edited by logged-in users. I was not aware that removing an un-cited, hidden item effect is a controversial edit. I have also anecdotal evidence that the Tenderizer has a hidden item effect which lowers threat by 4.2%. Should I add this to the Tenderizer's page? -- 11:12, December 7, 2011 (EST)

Not so much the sysop status, but the fact I have several thousand useful edits, tho that's the reason i have the status. You have a total of 11 edits under your IP Address (which I cant confirm are all you), most of which aren't useful... Thus you are not a reliable source. I am. That's the difference.

Also you ARE anonymous. No IP address are not useful, they can be easily masked, mimics and even forcibly changed at will with some ISPs. And the fact you signed your post just shows you are at least aware of the wikiquette which is good, but really makes no difference in terms of your anon status, as either way your IP is logged on your edits regardless if your sign. Its just a wikiquette thing to save us time and know whose who.

Signing up verifies you are the same person for each edit, because you have to select a password. So we can confirm you are the same person on each edit, and doing productive work.. Thus your edits will hold some weight and I'll always try to verify them before tagging them unverified. I won't straight delete your edits like you did with mine unless im 100% sure they are false. Ghats the benefit of your signing in. All anonymous edits will be considered less reliable by their nature.

RE: Capcha: Sign up, Make consistently useful edits and follow wikiquette in your edits and we will upgrade you to a ddowikivip, thus allowing you to bypass the Capcha. 11 anon edits isn't gonna cut it.

The Ring of Lies thing is also on the itemwiki database, a generally very reliable source, and also by myself and other I've talked to, so it can stay as a unverified edit for now. Your anonymous info about the tenderizer I doubt interest anyone.

Shade 12:08, December 7, 2011 (EST)
I get it, Shade. You are awesome, and I am not. There is no reason for me to contribute to this wiki any further, given the circumstances. You obviously have enough productive members with thousands of useful edits you can afford such kind of arrogance towards new editors. -- 12:28, December 7, 2011 (EST)

  • Cough* *Cough* *Cough* Excuse me good sirs, if I may inject some wisdom. I personally try my hardest to promote everyone that makes 250 edit users  to ddowikivip (reminded me to check and promote through the list) which DOES remove the need for Capcha and also allows you to patrol your own edits (So I don't have to do it later, which makes my life a little easier.) So, making edits under a logged in username is beneficial for anyone that intends to edit the wiki on a regular basis. If you are just going to make a little edit here or there, perhaps it is not worth it; however, you should expect those edits to be harshly scrutinized by the people (sysops) that have to patrol all the edits. I hope this helps settle this issue. Good day. Cool Face ShoeMaker 13:06, December 7, 2011 (EST)

Rather than arguing with Shade, why don't you argue with Mr.Cow? After all, he's the one that did the testing when you wouldn't.

For some reason I thought this discussion was closed... Since the last post was over 3 months ago. Also, Mr.Cow should register with us, so we don't have to patrol these "Math/Effect Debates". I'm sure that since he is such a prominent forum poster, he would be welcome Big Grin Yawgmoth 17:47, March 11, 2012 (EDT)