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Item talk:Gloves of Forgotten Craft (historic)

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Just wanted to see if someone could check on the claim that these are *not* upgradable as per the link at:

The following page in the DDO compendium seems to counter the '"upgrade-ability" statement provided above. (ref:

DDO compendium states explicitly that: "This scroll, when combined with a Seal of the Gloves of Forgotten Craft, a Shard of the Gloves of Forgotten Craft, and a Gloves of Forgotten Craft can upgrade the item to a vastly superior version of what it was before."

If these gloves are holdovers from a previous update and no longer epic-able, it would be appreciated if someone could please update the DDO wiki page for those glove to at least reflect some history on their current in-game status, so that we know that we no longer need hold onto these once viable levels have been surpassed! (EG: When they were removed from the epic list, or... it may be the link I provided is perhaps a tell-tale sign of U16 (the Dev rumored Epic Gianthold) loot upgrades.)

Either way, not sure what's going on, so I'd appreciate someone more knowledgeable than I looking into it! :)

Gianthold stuff is currently not epicable... It is rumored that Epic Gianthold is coming soon... I would hang on to them and see what happens with U16. Either way I would at very least throw them in the bank when I found something better or out leveled them and hang on to them for a TR life...
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 08:12, October 15, 2012 (EDT)
Actually eGH is not a rumor anymore, it was confirmed by Fernando on the forums... just sayin :P Arthnoxx (ContributionsMessage) 20:45, October 15, 2012 (EDT)

Epic Gianthold is still a rumor.. At least in the sense we think of it. It's simply not coming out, ever. No matter what Fernando says.
At least not what is epic gianthold as I think of it, and I think how most players do (Like how Vault of Night or Desert became epic.) It's not that.

U17 acording to tolero here: [1] IS so called "epic gianthold". But not what we think. It's a new "epic" level adventure pack, set in/around gianthold. Existing quests and items like these gloves, will never get upgrades. (Notice she says "new item types to get upgrades, then says like khopesh, implying that without someone requesting it, no epic khopesh will appear, even tho one already exists to upgrade)

Just a hunch based on many things i've heard the devs said, and the fact they had Gianthold tor done for so many years and really dont care to release it ever because theres no money to be made there. But if they release a new pack in that area? Yea you can be sure they will charge for it.

Hope i'm wrong, but this seems likely at this point. They still have time to change their minds at least.