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Quivers hold both arrows and bolts, they get placed into your Quiver slot. You can have multiple quivers in your inventory at once however only the quiver currently equipped will have arrows/bolts taken from it when firing a bow/crossbow. They can be set to automatically gather arrows/bolts when you loot, and the ammunition stored within them can be prioritized to select which ammunition stacks will be used first by moving the ammunition up or down within the quiver.

Placing Bound to Account ammunition (such as arrows/bolts from Cannith Crafting) into any quiver occasionally changes quiver's binding to Bound to Account, allowing you to transfer it via a Shared Bank.

Many quivers, even ones available for only a few platinum, may also be bought from the DDO Store (see table below).
(This table can be sorted by clicking on the blue area)
Quiver Stack Size Unique Items Total Capacity In-game Source DDO Store Cost in DP
Thin Quiver 400 3 1200 Hammer and Chain,
Various Missile Weapon Vendors
Wide Quiver 200 6 1200 Hammer and Chain,
Various Missile Weapon Vendors
Medium Thin Quiver 600 3 1800 60
Medium Wide Quiver 200 8 1600 60
Large Thin Quiver 1000 3 3000 House Deneith, 150 Favor 120
Large Wide Quiver 250 10 2500 House Deneith, 75 Favor 120
Very Large Thin Quiver 1500 4 6000 240
Very Large Wide Quiver 300 20 6000 240
Epic Quiver of Alacrity 4500 3 13500 The Mark of Death -
Quiver of Alacrity 1500 3 4500 Ascension Chamber -
Quiver of Poison 1000 3 3000 A Cry for Help and
Foundation of Discord,
End chest
Dynamistic Quiver
Epic Dynamistic Quiver
3000 5 15000 Grim and Barett,
End chest
Purifying Quiver
Epic Purifying Quiver
3000 5 15000 Oath of Vengeance,
End chest
Quivering Quiver 300 10 3000 Harbinger of Madness,
End reward

General Quivers[edit]

Thin Quiver[edit]

Wide Quiver[edit]

Medium Thin Quiver[edit]

Medium Wide Quiver[edit]

Large Thin Quiver[edit]

Large Wide Quiver[edit]

Very Large Thin Quiver[edit]

Very Large Wide Quiver[edit]

Name Quivers[edit]

Epic Quiver of Alacrity[edit]

Quiver of Alacrity[edit]

Quiver of Poison[edit]

There are 6 different versions of this quiver, one for each Heroic/Epic Normal/Hard/Elite quest. The quiver adds 1d2/1d3/1d4 poison damage for the Heroic versions and 1d6/1d8/1d10 poison damage for the Epic versions to any ranged attack while the quiver is equipped (works on arrows, bolts, and throwing weapons). The Minimum Level (ML) of the Quiver of Poison varies with the source. Heroic quivers are ML 12/13/14 for Normal/Hard/Elite versions. Epic quivers are 23/24/25.

Quivering Quiver[edit]

Dynamistic Quiver[edit]

Purifying Quiver[edit]