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Item:Sentient Jewel of the Resolute

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DDO Examination Panel
  • Name: Sentient Jewel of the Resolute
  • Acquired from: Tobar the Smith / Lavinia Langiston
  • Located in: Ravenloft Legendary intro quest reward / Ravenloft Legendary Saga reward
  • Minimum Level: 20
  • Binding: Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire
  • Effect: A jewel that holds sentient power.
  • Base Value: 0000350000350ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
  • Weight: 0.01 lbs
  • Stack size:
  • Description: A jewel that holds sentient power. Click on the Sentient Item button on the right side of the inventory panel (or drag a weapon to that slot) to open the sentient Item panel.
  • Notes: Voiced by Ally Murphy.
  • On first slotting
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "I awaken..."

  • On first equip
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Good. Good. You'll do."

  • Random in combat
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "No mercy, no anger. Focus." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Got one!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "Another target down. On to the next."

  • On unequiping
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "I've done my part. Get out there and finish the job, soldier."

  • On feeding
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Good. The more you give me, the greater the glory."

  • On re-equipping
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Now point me toward the enemy." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Watch where you point me, soldier. I bite."

  • On disabling a trap
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "If you don't live and learn, you'll forget and die. Good work, soldier."

  • On looting a chest
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Don't get weighed down. Fast legs feed the wolf, not a full backpack."

  • On weapon durability loss:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "I'm taking damage!"

  • On gaining a filigree slot:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "All power corrupts. But absolute power sure tastes sweet, doesn't it?"

  • On accepting a quest:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "We both know this will end in violence. Ready, soldier?"

  • On completing a quest:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "We do what we must to complete the mission. No regrets, no looking back."

  • On getting earthgrabbed:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Push through it. I know you can."

  • On being hit by a trap:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Trap. Remember to avoid the area."

  • On removing the Sentient Jewel:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "No! The heart of my power! Don't..."

  • On opening a chest:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "Enjoy the moment. But don't let this distract you from the mission." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Don't get weighed down. Fast legs feed the wolf, not a full backpack." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Good form." (Say): <<weapon>>: "The advantage is ours!" (Say): <<weapon>>: "The mission is going well." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Perfect." (Say): <<weapon>>: "Well done."

  • On removing a filigree:
  • (Say): <<weapon>>: "I wasn't fond of that decoration anyway." (Say): <<weapon>>: "I assume you intend to replace that with something more powerful?"