Item:Livewood Core (Level 16)

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Livewood Core

Armor Type Docent Livewood Core shown.jpg
Feat Requirement Docent
Race Absolutely Required Warforged
Minimum Level 16
Binding Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip
Armor Bonus
Adamantine Body:+16
Mithral Body:+7
Maximum Dexterity Bonus
Armor Check Penalty
Arcane Spell Failure
Durability 140
Material WoodIcon tooltip.pngWood: Wood is common for use in Quarterstaffs, bows, or ammo.
Hardness 19
Base Value 00064100006,410ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0 lbs
Location Thorn and Paw, Corrupted Seeds optional chest (Heroic Hard)
Enchantments Livewood Core (Level 16).png

Fully upgraded

Description This sphere of living wood pulses with vital energy. When inserted into the body of a Warforged, vines and tendrils will emerge from it, spreading leaves and moss across the wearer.