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Damage type/sandbox

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Weapons and spells inflict damage of various types.

Elemental energy types[edit]

Elemental energy is broadly interpreted to include a wide variety of energy types. Various monsters may be vulnerable, resistant, immune, or even healed by each of these types. Most of the classical elements have sub-types, subject to most of the same modifiers. Types and sub-types are as follows.

Alignment types[edit]

The four alignment types are:

  • Chaotic
  • Evil
  • Good
  • Lawful

Except where stated otherwise, alignment damage affects all targets equally. Exceptions include:

See also:

Untyped damage[edit]

Untyped damage is inflicted by bane weapons and certain spells, such as Finger of Death. Such damage cannot be resisted. Most untyped spells are affected by Force spell power modifiers.

Physical damage types[edit]

Main article: TBD

Some creatures have DR that is bypassed by one or more types of physical damage.

Material types[edit]

Main article: TBD

Some creatures have DR that is bypassed by one or more weapon materials.

Ability damage[edit]

Main article: Ability Damaged

Certain creatures and magical effects can cause temporary ability damage (a reduction to an ability score). This damage is specific to one (or more) Abilities. In some cases this reduction disappears over time, but usually it requires visiting a shrine or tavern to remove the penalty.

Instant death[edit]

A few spells, such as Finger of Death, produce an instant death (a.k.a. instakill) effect, which instantly destroys any foe that succumbs. Red- and purple-named bosses are immune. Typically, so are non-living monster types, as indicated in the effect description. Deathblock items and the Death Ward spell provide temporary immunity.

Misc damage[edit]

A few classes and monsters have access to a unique source of damage which is not listed above. Examples include a ranger's bonus against favored enemies, a rogue's sneak attack, and a monk's Quivering Palm.