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The High Road of Shadows

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The High Road of Shadows adpack icon.jpg
750 DP Requires access to adventure pack: The High Road of Shadows

Oriphanun Huntsilver's journal, containing a fabled Nether Scroll, has vanished and the Harpers are in need of your help to retrieve it!

High Road of Shadows is a Forgotten Realms adventure pack introduced with Update 16, free for VIPs and 750 DDO Points in the DDO Store. It includes 5 quests (level 24) and a level 24 wilderness area, the High Road.

At Update 19, this zone gained an Heroic option as a level 18 Wilderness area, and the quests as well gained heroic level 18 versions. This is the first zone in DDO that got the reverse epic upgrade.

The Netherese Legacy[edit]

The quest chain/story arc is called The Netherese Legacy in your Quest Journal. All quests are found in The High Road wilderness adventure area. Take the Harper's Cart in the northwestern section of Eveningstar to start the adventure.

Chain bestowed by Rina Belostos

You must complete the first four quests (in any order) before you can enter The End of the Road. Once all quests are completed, return to Rina Belostos to claim your final reward.

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron Casual Normal Hard Elite
Detour 18 (24 on Epic) 21 The Harpers
Rest Stop 18 (24 on Epic) 18 The Harpers
Lost in the Swamp 18 (24 on Epic) 18 The Harpers
A Stay at the Inn 18 (24 on Epic) 18 The Harpers
The End of the Road * 18 (24 on Epic) 21 The Harpers
Total 5 Quests 96  ♣62,081Solo/Casual  ♦79,129Normal  ♥80,292Hard  ♠81,455Elite

* Requires flagging.

In the Forgotten Realms, every third completion of a quest chain will provide a reward list with a 50% chance for each item that could have normally appeared in that list to appear. Completions which are not the third or a subsequent multiple of three have a 25% chance for those items to appear. Only the ML23 versions of the items are available in this way.

Reward List[edit]

The end reward of the whole chain given by NPC Rina Belostos after completing all of above quests (called Netherese Legacy in your quest journal) is a mix of items that can be pulled from one of the optional chests in the chain (e.g. Nether Grasps), as well as 3 Commendations of your choice. So a player has the chance to pull an item directly in one of the quests or get it at the end of the chain.

Note that you can talk to Rina and run the chain again - in any order, as long as you do all five quests - for another reward. NOTE: Named items that can appear on this end reward list will have a 100% chance of appearing on every third completion of the story arc. You can select from one of these items when talking to Rina Belostos in the Eveningstar at the end of the quest chain. All items are Bound to Character on Equip, and are the Epic Normal (ML 23) version, regardless of whether the quest chain was completed running Heroic or Epic level.

Note that you will frequently get 2-3 copies of the same item in your reward list.

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