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Preparing Your Image[edit]

Cropping, Resizing, and Compressing[edit]

  • There are multiple programs out there that can help you accomplish this, each one is tailored to a different style editor. You may wish to try many different ones before picking one. Some examples are:
    • New Windows computers often offer "Windows Live Photo Gallery"
    • Newer and older Windows computers offer a variation of "Paint." Some older system call this "MS-Paint."
    • More advanced users may wish to use a program such as "GIMP" or one of the other "freeware - commercial demo" programs listed here
    • I'm not sure what is out there for Linux/Wine or Macintosh users... Could someone help fill this in?
Part 1: Taking screenshots Part 2: Preparing, uploading, and using screenshots
Watch on YouTube! Watch on YouTube!

Where Do I Upload My Images?[edit]

Follow the instructions found here


  • In general it should match the above rules except obviously end with an appropriate lowercase extension.
  • The wiki IS case sensitive, and files can only be "renamed" by certain editors, so it's important to be careful when typing in a file name.
  • File names on the site do not need to match the name of the file you're actually uploading, so the easiest way to ensure you get it right is to link the file first before it exists on the wiki then click the red link and the upload prompt will automatically fill-in the correct file destination.
  • Permitted file types: png, jpg, gif. Large file threshold: 300kB. Maximum file size: 2MB.
    • Most desired file type usage: .png for small images, .jpg for large ones.
  • We occasionally ignore the 300kB recommendation; please don't do something crazy like a hotlinked 1.5M byte jpg for a simple shown weapon shot. (How to crop/compress images? see above!.)
  • No externally-hosted images.
    • Though for quick posts on talk pages they are permitted. All images outside talk pages should be uploaded to the wiki.

File Naming - Item Pages[edit]

  • While not required to follow any 1 pattern, it would make updating and maintaining our item images a lot easier if we all follow one pattern:
    • Preferred pattern for description images should match the exact item name: Pagename.png.
    • Preferred pattern for main worn/action shots of weapons/armor/helmet/goggles equipped should match the exact item name: Pagename shown.jpg.
    • Preferred pattern for anything else in the main image box (focus orb shot preferably) should match the exact item name: Pagename orb.png.
  • Also acceptable for focus orbs is to crop the item name, and only show the orb - this allows it to be used for multiple item pages.
  • Preferred description image cropping resolution: width: 420 by height: X (usually round it to the nearest 10th while maintain the items border). 420 pixels is the exact value all of our templates use, and thus exactly how you should crop it if you want your image to look it's best on the wiki. Any other width will automatically be re sized and look worse, as the wiki's image re-size function is efficient, but not the best quality.
    • Do not crop the items border. The border color is a game-play-impacting detail that should be maintained. You should clip the wings of the border to get to 420px, but not the border itself.
  • Preferred worn/action shots resolution: as-high-as possible. While the wiki will re-size the shot to 420px in the templates, users can click through to see the full resolution, and the more detail the better to help people determine if they like it or not. Though you should go for 420px wide as a minimum, and height shouldn't be too much higher than the width, as it will stretch the template.

Tip: Take screen shots of items/orbs in the Cannith Crafting Hall facing the door, which is completely white. It makes cropping images much easier.

How to link images to the article[edit]


where options can be zero or more of the following, separated by pipes (|):

  • Format option: one of border and/or frameless, frame, thumb (or thumbnail);
    Controls how the rendered image is formatted and embedded in the rest of the page.
  • Resizing option: one of
    • {width}px — Resizes the image to fit within the given maximum width in pixels, without restricting its height;
    • x{height}px — Resizes the image to fit within the given maximum height in pixels, without restricting its width;
    • {width}x{height}px — Resizes the image to fit within the given width and height in pixels;
    • upright — Resizes an image to fit within reasonable dimensions, according to user preferences (suitable for images whose height is larger than width).
    Note that the image will always retain its aspect ratio, and can only be reduced (not increased) in size unless it's in a scalable media type (bitmap images cannot be scaled up).
    The default maximum size depends on the format and the internal image dimensions (according to its media type).
  • Horizontal alignment option: one of left, right, center, none;
    Controls the horizontal alignment (and inline/block or floating styles) of the image within a text (no default value).
  • Vertical alignment option: one of baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom, text-bottom;
    Controls the vertical alignment of a non-floating inline image with the text before or after the image, and in the same block (the default vertical alignment is middle).
  • Link option: one of
    • link={target} — Allows to change the target (to an arbitrary page title, or URL) of the generated link, activable on the rendered image surface; e.g. [[File:DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg|20px|link=]] renders as DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg (external link), or [[File:DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg|20px|link=Home]] renders as DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg (internal link).
    • link= (with an empty value) — Displays an image without any activable link; e.g. [[File:DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg|20px|link=]] renders as DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg .
! Link does not work with thumb, thumbnail or frame.
  • Other specific options:
    • alt={alternative text} — Defines the alternative text (maps to the HTML attribute alt="..." of the generated <image /> element) of an image that will be rendered if either the referenced image cannot be downloaded and embedded, or if the support media must use the alternative description text (e.g. when using a Braille reader or with accessibility options set by the user in its browser).
    • page={number} — Renders the specified page number (currently only applicable when showing a .djvu or .pdf file that we do not currently support).

The options can be given in any order. If the given options conflict each other, the latter is applied, except for the format options, where the options take the priority in the order of: frame; thumb (or thumbnail); frameless and/or border.

If a parameter does not match any of the other possibilities, it is assumed to be the caption text. Caption text shows below the image in thumb and frame formats, or as mouseover text in border, frameless formats or when the format is omitted. Caption text displayed in the thumb and frame formats may contain wiki links and other formatting. In the other options, wiki-formatting will not work though transclusion will.

If no caption text is supplied, a caption is automatically created showing the file name. To completely remove the caption, set it to <span title=""></span>. For example, [[File:DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg|20px|<span title=""></span>]] renders as .


This will allow you to link to an image file without displaying the actual image. Example given → File:DDOwikiLogo v2.jpg

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