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A healbot is a character that is dedicated to healing the rest of the party. Healbots often do very little to no damage, instead they focus on keeping others alive or resurrecting dead characters. All Cleric and Favored Soul hirelings can be considered healbots. Bards and Druids can also easily take on the role of a healbot. Paladins and other characters with high use magic device skill can also serve as healbots via the use of Cure Wands, Heal Scrolls, and Raise Dead Scrolls.

Some people may frown upon the use of healbots as they prefer their parties to be more offense-oriented and already have enough self-healing capabilities to do without them.

An rare variant of the healbot is the repairbot. These are artificers, wizards, and sorcerers that are dedicated to repairing Warforged and Bladeforged characters.

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