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Half-Orc Buccaneer

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  • What be that foul smell? By the worm-ridden bowels of the Two Toed Tobias, that be me!
  • Yar, I be yearning fer a fight!
  • By the bowels of the Devourer, ye shall pay for that!
  • Ye'll be swimming with the sahuagin!
  • I'll keelhaul any blaggard who gets in my way.
  • The plank be too good for ye, treacherous maggot!
  • Avast, thar treasure had best be real.
  • Avast! Ye'll never survive!
  • Ye pox-ridden scallywag!
  • Pillage and plunder, that be the pirate's life for me.
  • I'll swab the decks with ye!
  • Me hearties, spread out and search for the map!
  • I'll not be challenged by you, scallywag!
  • I'll send yer worm-infested soul to the Devourer!
  • Where be those cursed treasure map pieces?
  • Now, where be those worm-eaten map pieces?
  • Where be the map pieces?
  • I'll plunder the whole island!

Type: Orc (List)

Race: Half-Orc (List)

Monster Manual classification: Event only monster

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Rare: No

CR:  ♦22Normal

Attack: Scimitar (Slashing + Stunning Blow), Spear (Piercing + Crippling hit)

Special Qualities: Non-hostile until attacked

Habitat: Smuggler's Rest — Only available while the Treasure of Crystal Cove event is running

Description: A privateer looking to strike it rich with the treasure of Crystal Cove by unearthing the Treasure Map Pieces buried on Smuggler's Rest island.