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Half-Elf Dilettante: Warlock

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Icon Enhancement Improved Dilettante Warlock.png
Half-Elf Dilettante: Warlock


You have a powerful, otherworldly Patron interested in you. For item use purposes, you count as a level one Warlock in addition to any other classes you possess.

Toggle: You deal 1d4 extra fire damage with attacks and spells. This trigger at most once every two seconds. As of Update 36 Patch 3, Half-Elf Dilettante: Warlock has been made a type of Bond

This feat is not recommended for characters with actual Warlock levels.

  • Duration: Permanent when toggled


When triggered by a spell:

  • Deals more damage than described. Tested to be 1d4 fire damage per level scaling with 100 spell power.
  • Metamagic feats can further increase the damage.
  • The fire damage does not proc temporary spell points for casting fire spells (such as fire savant enhancement fanning the flames).
  • Damage only procs on the initial tick of Damage over Time spells and only procs once for Magic Missile.
  • When triggered by an AoE attack, only the first target is affected. However, if the primary target dies before the fire damage ticks off (i.e from the damaging spells inital damage) the fire damage will apply to another target within the area, but will still only effect 1 target max.
  • Can also fire on spells that don't deal hit point damage normally (such as Half-Elf dragonmark Gust of Wind) or when an enemy saves against your spell (Niac's Cold Ray was saved against and dealt no damage, still dealt fire damage). This can be used to cause normally harmless spells such as glitterdust to deal damage to an enemy that re-enters its range several times so long as this feat is off CD.
Spell Crit! Your Gust of Wind has greater effect! You hit Kobold Shaman for 78 points of fire damage.

On melee attacks, the effect does scale with melee power, but remains a 1d4 base.