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Gunhild the Watchful

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Gunhild the Watchful.jpg

Name: Gunhild the Watchful

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Strike Back

Receives Quest(s): Strike Back

Affiliation(s): Tethyamar Mining Outpost

Location: Tethyamar Mining Outpost

Description: <Guard Captain> - wants you to attack the Drow Stronghold and kill Talice Argith.

Tethyamar Mining Outpost[edit]

Before Strike Back is bestowed:

  • Gunhild the Watchful: By the gods, now is the time to strike! We found the Drow Stronghold after sending countless scouts to search the mines.
  • Gunhild the Watchful: There's not a moment to waste. I need to send someone in, and you'll do. Your mission is to infiltrate the Stronghold and kill the Drow's commander, a Priestess.
  • Gunhild the Watchful: Now, make haste!
    • You: Should I be on the look out for any Jewels of Ardor?
      • Gunhild the Watchful: Forget the Jewels! I will not allow any distractions. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of the Dwarves here in the Mining Outpost.
      • Gunhild the Watchful: The Drow Stronghold is through this tunnel. Go down it, take a left, and you'll find it at the end of a deep cavern.
      • Gunhild the Watchful: For this Outpost to be safe, that Priestess must die. No matter the cost.
        • You: Understood. She'll breathe her last soon. (Strike Back bestowed)
    • You: Captain, slow it down a little. Which Drow are you talking about?
      • Gunhild the Watchful: The Drow of Sschindylryn have been attacking our miners in raids for some time. They capture the survivors and control their minds, forcing them to spend hours without end digging up the Jewels of Ardor.
      • Gunhild the Watchful: We've been scouting for the Drow's current base of operations. Now victory is finally in our grasp.
      • Gunhild the Watchful: If you are a true friend to the Dwarves, you will help me turn their Stronghold to rubble.
        • You: And who is this Priestess?
          • Gunhild the Watchful: She is their leader - a Priestess named Talice Argith. She is a powerful divine, a fanatic devoted to Lolth.
          • Gunhild the Watchful: A woman of her importance no doubt will be hidden away in the depths of their Stronghold.
          • Gunhild the Watchful: Finding her will not be easy, and she won't go down without a fight. But from the skills you have presented so far, I am sure you will be able to best her in combat.
            • You: What about the Jewels? I hear they're valuable treasures among the Dwarves. (see "Should I be on the..." above)

After Strike Back is bestowed but before completion:

  • Gunhild the Watchful: Complete your mission! Do not return from the Drow Outpost until the Priestess is dead.