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Guide to Pale Masters: Avoiding Light damage

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Guide to Pale Masters: Avoiding Light damage[edit]

Pale Master is such a nice PrE for non-WF Wizards who lack quick self healing ability. However, while leveling, you encounter mobs that deal huge light damage on you and possibly one-shot you while you are in undead forms. Thus you cannot rely on these forms all the time and should know when to turn them off or refrain from using them in the quest.

Pale Master Undead Forms[edit]

Undead form AP and level requirement Benefit Penalty
Shroud of the Zombie Level 3 (5 AP) +2 STR, +2 CON, DR 5/Slashing 25 SP to activate, -2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma, -20% attack speed, Takes double light damage
Shroud of the Vampire Level 6 (10 AP) +2 STR, +2 CHA, +2 DCs on enchantment spells 50 SP to activate, Takes triple light damage (Reduced to double with Improved Shrouding)
Shroud of the Wraith Level 12 (20 AP) 25% incorporeality, +20 Move Silently and Balance 75 SP to activate, Takes double light damage
Shroud of the Lich Level 18 (30 AP) +2 INT, +4 CON, +2 WIS, +1 DCs on necromancy spells 100 SP to activate, Takes double light damage

Light spells[edit]

Spell Damage for non-undead Damage for undead
Nimbus of Light 1d4+4 + 1 * (caster level) ?
Searing Light 1d4+4 * 1/2(caster level)
Maximum damage 5d4+20
1d3+3 * (caster level)
Maximum damage 10d3+30
Divine Punishment 1d6 + 1 * (caster level) every 2 seconds (no initial tic) for a duration of 16 seconds (at CL1).
Maximum 1d6+20 at caster level 20
Sunburst 6d6, in addition to blinding. 1d3+3 * (caster level) (Maximum caster level 25).
Light fearing Undead may be instantly destroyed by this spell if it fails its save.

Light Resistance items[edit]

Items with Light Resistance are far rarer than other energy resistance items, as it is only available on a very small list of named items. The only one that can be used before level cap is raid loot, which is unlikely to be available for 1st life wizards.

Quest list and enemy sources of Light damage[edit]

Level 1 quests[edit]

Level 6 quests[edit]

Level 7 quests[edit]

Level 8 quests[edit]

Level 9 quests[edit]

Level 10 quests[edit]

Level 11 quests[edit]

  • Made to Order - Dwarven acolytes. Zerging paths and grouping mobs up is okay, but make sure acolytes are not included in the pile of mobs.

Level 12 quests[edit]

  • A Relic of a Sovereign Past - Dwarven acolytes. Avoid them like a plague. "Caster tunnel" especially can really be dangerous for Pale Masters.

Level 13 quests[edit]

Level 16 quests[edit]


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