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Guards are effects can trigger when you are a target of a successful attack (they happen on being hit). Few unique guards also proc on being missed. The effects vary.

Proc rate:

  • Some guards trigger with 100% probability (always), some trigger more rarely.
  • Some guards cannot proc again immediately; one must wait x seconds before next proc.


  • Being hit by a melee attack
  • Being hit by ranged attack
  • Being hit by a spell

Target of the guard effect

  • The character being hit
  • The attacker
  • All enemies around defender

Effects are very different:

  • Attackers are usually dealt damage in return (for example Legendary Bracers of the Sun and Moon), or are a target of some debilitating effect (Radiance Guard)
  • Defenders usually receive a buff (for example Earthen Guard, temporary HP, or minor heal
  • BUG (confirmed by devs in 2016; still current in June 2019): guard effects on all random loot only deal 1d8 damage, regardless of item level and tooltip. Guard effects on some named items do work correctly. Cocomajobo

Sources of guard effects