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Guardian (stone golem)

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Not to be confused with Guardian (iron golem).

Guardian (stone golem).png

Type: Fey (List)

Race: Giant (List)

Sub-race: Stone Golem (List)

Monster Manual classification: Stone Golem

Alignment: True Neutral

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: No

Attack: Greatclub (Bludgeoning + Knock back), immense Force DOT + 50% spell failure if not engaged in melee range, Ground Strike (jump dealing high Bludgeoning damage, can be avoided by jumping)

Special Qualities: Construct Traits, DR /Adamantine

Habitat: The Dryad and the Demigod

Description: One of these guards each set of singing stones. With a decent Bluff skill check the fight can be averted (if the Guardian isn't hostile already.) This said, ensure a decent melee character is within range before attempting the bluff, as if the Guardian is not being actively engaged its DOT aura can easily cause a wipe.