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Good Burst

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In-game Description: This weapon is imbued with the power of good and deals 1d6 points of good damage to all of non-good alignment. Additionally, all targets of non-good alignment take an extra 3d6 damage on a critical hit for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 4d6 for a x3 multiplier, and 5d6 for a x4 multiplier.

Note: The in-game description used to be incorrect years ago, but has since been fixed and is now accurate. Also note this effect currently only appears on a greensteel weapon - and unlike loot-gen weapons of pure good, greensteel weapons never have alignment requirements to wield. (Though note ones with unholy still give good-aligned wielders a negative level). Additionally it will put the "good" damage type property on a weapon, for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction.

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