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Gazmur d'Kundarak

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Gazmur d'Kundarak.jpg

Name: Gazmur d'Kundarak

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): House Kundarak

Location: The Red Fens, Raveneye refugee camp

The Red Fens[edit]

When you approach him, he will say:

  • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Kol Korran be praised! I've been waiting an age for House Kundarak to send someone to help me out here.
  • Gazmur d'Kundarak: A bunch of those scaly sahuagin have attacked the Raveneye clan here - completely cutting off House Kundarak's supply of swamp pearls.
  • Gazmur d'Kundarak: We need those pearls! Take care of the sahuagin and House Kundarak will make it worth your while.
    • You: What are the sahuagin doing here? I thought they lived underwater.
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Blast me if I know! Those sea devils swam up out of the inlet to the northwest of here and started attacking everything in sight. Why, they almost wiped out the Raveneye clan here!
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: It's blasted strange. The sahuagin don't like the surface, so they must have a very good reason to come here.
    • You: What's so important about these swamp pearls, anyway?
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Don't tell me you've never heard about House Kundarak's famous swamp pearls!? Why, we ship these pearls to the finest jewelers all over Eberron. The fortunes of some of the most powerful men in House Kundarak were made on swamp pearls!
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Oh, and these Raveneye folk here make their living off of 'em, too. They gather them from the clams out in the swamp. The drow 'round here would probably starve to death without the pearl trade.
    • You: What can I do to help?
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: How can you help? Get rid of those sahuagin, that's how!
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Talk to Gullwing, Croaker and Craneclaw here in the camp. They have ideas on how to fight back the sahuagin.
      • Gazmur d'Kundarak: Oh, you could try talking to Ravenwing, too. He's the big chief around here. Though he probably won't say a word unless you impress him first.