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Flash Bang

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Icon Enhancement Flash Bang.png

Flash Bang[edit]


Ki Bomb Spell-Like Ability: Throws a fragile eggshell imbued with ninja magic that explodes into light, blinding opponents for 6 seconds on a failed reflex save and momentarily dazing opponents on a failed fortitude save. Both saving throws have DC equal to (10/14/18 + Monk Level + Wisdom modifier).

Flash Bang has three ranks and costs 1 AP per rank to upgrade.

While the Flash Bang does not cause any damage, it is an area-of-effect device that can both daze and/or blind a small group of enemies. Each effect is rolled separately.

The changes to the Sneak game mechanics in Update 19 means that the Blinded effect of a Flash Bang is treated as Invisibility against an enemy. A character that throws a Flash Bang and sneaks away (keeping silent so that the enemy Listen check does not reveal them) can escape a mob this way with sufficient distance and Hide and Move Silently scores.

Blinded also gives 50% Concealment against attacks. The Dazed effect is removed if the affected enemy is attacked, but not the blindness effect. Dazed creatures are not helpless.