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Falcor Redwillow

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Falcor Redwillow.jpg

Name: Falcor Redwillow

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Location: Redwillow's Ruins, on Redwillow's camp

Description: He is the leader of the expedition that you came rescue. He is accompanied by his four surviving research assistants (Caldia, Gadbin, Jada, and Sil).

Redwillow's Ruins[edit]

When you first meet him at the camp, he will reply:

  • Falcor Redwillow: Thank the Sovereign Host you have found us! Such a blunder I have committed here, and finally there is someone to help me clean it up. He smiles thinly. I assume that you were sent by Jandul?
  • You: Yes, Jandul sent us to help you.
  • Falcor Redwillow: Jandul is a pleasant lass. A bit taken with me, I fear, and I confess that I used that to my advantage. Now look at what has transpired! But I did it for House Jorasco as well as myself. And neither Jorasco nor I need suffer from this venture if you act quickly.
    • You: How did you take advantage of Jandul? (From there on, you can always skip ahead by choosing "Just tell me what you need done.")
      • Falcor Redwillow: As you might guess from my portly stature, I am a wealthy man. My past endeavors have yielded much gold and my fair share of fame, and I often find myself pursued by ladies of society and lower-class wenches alike. Our mutual acquaintance Jandul is one of those who cannot resist a celebrated name. She believed what I told her without a hint of doubt, and she was more than eager to finance this venture, despite the risks involved.
      • You: You lied to Jandul to get her support?
      • Falcor Redwillow: I may speak with a honey-touched tongue, but I do not lie, <sir/madam>! I simply convinced Jandul that secrecy was critical to our success. That was true enough, for my rivals are always eager to beat me to my discoveries. Instead of waiting for House Jorasco to put together an official expedition, I rushed to the site with only a handful of diggers, all supplied by Jandul and sworn to secrecy. And I found what I sought! But I could not hold on to it. Now my treasure has been stolen from me, along with the lives of most of my party. I know I am guilty—I should have waited for the protection of House Jorasco's veteran escorts. I shall apologize for involving Jandul in this disastrous scheme, if I ever return to Stormreach alive!
      • You: Your guilty is yours to bear—it interests me little. But who stole this 'treasure' of yours?
      • Falcor Redwillow: Hobgoblins! Bugbears! And trolls—now that's the strangest part of our misfortune. What on Eberron is driving the savage races of Xen'drik, many of whom consider each other great delicacies, to cooperate? Something is amiss. Why, were I given more to fistcuffs, I should have beaten a hobgoblin into submission and forced him to speak of his leaders!
      • You: You did not fight the ambushers, then?
      • Falcor Redwillow: Redwillow snorts loudly. By the Sovereign Host, no! These hands are too delicate, too skilled to wrap around the crude haft of a spear or clutch the hilt of a sword. Do I look like a barbarian fresh from the Talenta Plains? I should think not! And let's face it, I'd be hacked to pieces if I once mistook myself for a warrior. But you seem made of tougher stuff. And if you act decisively, you can redeem my past mistakes.
        • You: Tell me what must be done to salvage this mess.
          • Falcor Redwillow: Throughout this section of the jungle, you will find the exploratory camps established by my late and lamented assistants. I am afraid that all of these camps have been conquered by aggressive goblinoids and their fell minions.
          • You: Go on.
          • Falcor Redwillow: We must collect the items left behind when we fled these camps—if, indeed, they have not been seized already by the pillagers. We shall be forced to abandon most of our equipment, but there are a handful of objects I simply will not give to the jungle scum: a set of research notes, a very important container, an irreplaceable necklace, and the remains and personal effects of three of my best assistants.
          • You: Is there any more information that you can give me?
          • Falcor Redwillow: My surviving assistants here in the camp are waiting for the items you seek. My research notes should be given to Gadbin. The container—which, as you may have guessed, is what we came here for—should be entrusted to Sil. The personal effects of my lamented friends should be given to Caldia. And, finally, Jada waits for the return of the necklace.
          • You: Understood.
    • You: I'm not interested in how you got into your problems. Let's talk about how to get you out of them.
      • Falcor Redwillow: A person of action! Yes, I understand your desire to get directly to the challenge at hand and not dally on past mistakes. But I feel an odd desire to unburden myself about the poor decisions that led me here. You're sure you want to skip straight to business?
        • You: I couldn't be more certain. Just tell me what needs to be done here. (Go to "Tell me what must be done to salvage this mess")
        • You: If you feel such a need to tell your story, I'm willing to listen. (Go to "How did you take advantage of Jandul?")

After your objectives change, if you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Falcor Redwillow: Now that you understand what needs to be done, I assume you will be off to destroy these beasts and recover our gear?
  • You: Indeed. Is this all you would ask of me?
  • Falcor Redwillow: There is a private matter you could assist me with. I wouldn't want this business bandied about Stormreach, if you get my drift. But if you are not afraid to deal with rather shady folk—or to hold your tongue about it—I might have further need of you.
  • You: Speak.
  • Falcor Redwillow: I was approached not long ago by a third party with an interest in these ruins. Though I knew Jandul would not approve, I gave my word to this third party that I would review their offer. Naturally, I would recompense House Jorasco for their investment if I chose to switch patrons. If you are willing, I would ask you to deliver my response to them now.
    • You: I don't care which masters you serve. I'll deliver your response. (Bestow optional objective "Find and speak with Redwillow's contact")
      • Falcor Redwillow: You will need to search for the recipient, but you will know him when you find him. His skin is as dark as the night sky.
    • You: After all this death, loss and failure, you would rob Jandul of your profits? I'll have nothing to do with it. (Walk away)

After listening his last offer, regardless of your choice, he will start to only repeat the following:

  • Falcor Redwillow: Quickly now, retrieve the objects from my fallen camps and bring them to my assistants.

After you deliver all the items to his assistants, he will have a last request:

  • Falcor Redwillow: You have salvaged the things we need to pack up our expedition and leave. However, while you were gone, my assistants and I made use of our magical talents to search for the roots of this disaster. There is one thing we lack before we can truly call this venture a success.
  • You: And that is?
  • Falcor Redwillow: Revenge! Falcor speaks shrilly. Revenge upon the evil creature who caused these stupid goblinoids to interrupt my plans. There is a crafty giant who has holed himself up in a nearby cavern. It is this giant, I am sure, who drove the scum to thwart us. And it is this giant I would see slain! I can create a dimensional portal to his lair, but I cannot rip the heart from his chest. That is your job.
    • You: You will not decamp unless I do this?
      • Falcor Redwillow: No! I will not move an inch until the giant is dead! You must understand that this is not only a personal vendetta. These giants are up to something sinister, you may be sure of that, and every murderous step they take brings them closer to Stormreach. We must protect Stormreach, must we not? I swear that the murderer of my assistants will not survive to scheme again!
      • You: The giants are indeed a threat, and I will carry out your vengeance. Summon your portal.
      • Falcor Redwillow: You will be lauded as a hero in the taverns of Stormreach. Falcor removes a small scroll from a case on his belt and recites a few words in a guttural tongue. That should do the trick.
      • Falcor Redwillow: Go through the portal now. May the Sovereign Host guide you in battle!
    • You: (Only if you skipped or rejected his third party offer earlier) Before we accomplish this revenge, was there nothing else you wanted me to do? (See two sections above for dialogue)

After he opens the portal, talking to him again will only make him repeat:

  • Falcor Redwillow: Hurry along now through the gate. The evil giant who caused all this suffering is waiting on the other side, thinking himself secure in his stinking cave. I am certain that you can handle this.