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Engulfed - Slow

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Name: Engulfed - Slow
Caster level:
Target: Foe, positional
Found on:
Shambling Mound (monster), Kelpie Swampstrider
  • (Combat): You are hit by shambling mound's engulfed - slow.
  • (Combat): You are hit by kelpie swampstrider's engulfed - slow.
  • (Combat): Vines ensnare your body slowing you're(sic) movement and attacks. Increased chance of spell failure.
  • (Effects):You receive a penalty from Engulfed - Slow.
    • (Effects): Penalty Penalty(sic) modifier to Movement Speed: -75%
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Melee Attack Speed: -20%
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Ranged Attack Speed: -20%
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Attack Rolls: -2
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Armor Class: -4
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Jump Skill: -100
    • (Effects): Penalty modifier to Reflex Saving Throws: -2