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Elven Mage

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Elven Mage (L20 Wizard)[edit]

Play-style is dependent on the type of quest. Fire and cold are among the most versatile spell types. When using them, have the appropriate set up (i.e. fire lore and potency when using fire spells, ice lore and potency when using cold spells) before casting the spell. This will allow a higher damage with a higher chance of a critical (which = higher damage). Do take caution that damage will cause aggro. In situations where aggro is detrimental, switch to a spell penetration and spell focus (e.g., necromancy, transmutation, enchantment) setup to lay down crowd control spells, i.e. Otto's resistible dance. The spell penetration increases the chance of the spell bypassing a mob's spell resistance, while the appropriate spell focus item ensures a high difficulty check (DC)

Due to the low hit die of wizard, be on a look out for items which increases hp, i.e. false life items, +con items. Furthermore you can lower the dex in favor of a higher con score but above 12, it take more stat building points to add more con. Armor wise, armor bracers are helpful, but most of the damage mitigation abilities come from spells, i.e. blur/displacement (20/50% miss), stoneskin (10DR/adamantine), haste/jump (faster movement and jumping to prevent hits from landing by ensuring a longer distance from mob), elemental resistance/protection (reduce damage from elemental spells), etc.

Level 20 Wizard True Neutral Elf Male
Hit Points: 182
Spell Points: 1831
BAB: 10\10\15\2
Fortitude: 8
Reflex: 15
Will: 11

Abilities Base Stats (Level 1) Level Ups Enhancements Items Modified Stats (Level 20)
Strength 10 - - 6 16
Dexterity 10 - - 6 16
Constitution 14 - - 6 20
Intelligence 18 5 3 6 32
Wisdom 8 - - - 8
Charisma 8 - - - 8

Skills (Level 20)
Concentration 23
Balance 11
Hide 11
Jump 9
Move Silently 11
Spot 11
Tumble 1
Use Magic Device 11

Level Class Progression Feats Bonus Feats
1 Wizard Toughness Maximize Spell
2 Wizard - -
3 Wizard Insightful Reflexes -
4 Wizard - -
5 Wizard - Extend Spell
6 Wizard Mental Toughness -
7 Wizard - -
8 Wizard - -
9 Wizard Heighten Spell -
10 Wizard - Empower Spell
11 Wizard - -
12 Wizard Spell Penetration -
13 Wizard - -
14 Wizard - -
15 Wizard Greater Spell Penetration Quicken Spell
16 Wizard - -
17 Wizard - -
18 Wizard Improved Mental Toughness -
19 Wizard - -
20 Wizard - Enlarge Spell

Enhancements Highest Tier
Wizard Master of Magic I
Elven Arcanum III
Wizard Improved Maximizing I
Racial Toughness II
Wizard Lineage of Elements III
Wizard Lineage of Deadly Elements III
Wizard Energy Manipulation IV
Wizard Elemental Manipulation IV
Wizard Force Manipulation I
Wizard Spell Penetration III
Wizard Energy of the Scholar IV
Wizard Intelligence III

Slot Gear
Weapon 1 Major Fire/Cold Lore
Weapon 2 Superior Potency VI
Armor -
Head Minos Legens
Necklace -
Goggles Intelligence +6
Trinket -
Cloak Resistance +4
Bracers Evocation/Necromancy Focus
Belt Disease Immunity of Greater False Life
Ring 1 Constitution +6
Ring 2 Dexterity +6
Boots Striding +30%
Gloves Strength +6