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Dwarven THF DPS

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Dwarven THF DPS (Pure Barbarian)

<<<<Quickly revieved by Dydzio and upgraded a bit - 19.04.2013>>>>

<<<<Few words from me: Barbarian is a class which is very friendly for new players. It does not require very good equipment to work well (in opposite to Rangers for example), 28 points build is almost as good as more point builds for barbarian (some classes are sometimes a lot weaker without extra points (for example Paladins or Monks), the only difference would be +2 constitution for 34 points build on Barbarian that would grant +25 hit points at level 25, also additional +2 points to spend on dex for 36 points build, that is not serious improvement. Actually they can keep good DPS with medium-quality weapon, what makes them generally useful without caring about the gear they wear.>>>>

This build is designed to be a very easy to play, new player friendly free to play Dwarven Barbarian. It emphases high DPS making it an excellent choice for nearly any player interested in building an all around useful melee combatant. This build works great for soloing at the low levels, not so much at the higher levels for a new player.

Basic features:

  • Two-Handed (Should use primarily Greataxes, can use Greatsword at lower levels if you found one with good bonuses)
  • High DPS (Damage per second)
  • High Hitpoints (Pretty survivable)
  • Free to play (Requires no DDO Store purchases at all to play to its fullest extent)
  • 28 points (Requires no favor unlocks to build)
  • Frenzied Berserker PrE. It's quite powerful.


Chaotic Good for access to chaotic and good weapons.
True Neutral only if you can attain high UMD (20+)


(28 point build, add to Con and lower Dex for 32 points)

  • Str 18 (+6 level ups go here) (Cost: 16 build points)
  • Dex 10 (Cannot add more STR or CON and dex seems to be best choice, gives +1 reflex save and armor class) (Cost: 2 build points)
  • Con 18 (Provides a good amount of hitpoints) (Cost: 10 build points)
  • Int 8 (Minimum, gives 3 skillpoints per lvl which is sufficient, you can use a +2 int tome at lvl 7 tho to get 4 per lvl which is nice)
  • Wis 8 (Minimum, Highly recommend you eventually seek out a +2 wisdom tome to improve this later on, as 1 extra will save does not hurt)
  • Cha 6 (Not that important for a new player.)



  • Balance - Max this (also cross class).
  • Spot - Cross class, but worth it - fit as many points as you can in here
  • Jump - Also spend points here, but remember Balance and Spot are more important skills.

Enhancements: (OUTDATED)

  • First off Prereqs for Berserker:
  • [barbarian] - Damage Boost IV (10)
  • [barbarian] - Power Rage IV (10)
  • [barbarian] - Power Attack III (6)
  • [barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker I (4)
  • [barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker II (2)
  • [barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker III (2)

Now onto others:

  • [barbarian] - Sprint Boost I (2) (Get it early on, it rocks)
  • [barbarian] - Hardy Rage II (3) (Rank 3 generally not worth it)
  • [barbarian] - Extra Rage I (2) (Not sure this build can afford rank 2/3)
  • [barbarian] - Extend Rage IV (10)
  • [barbarian] - Improved Damage Reduction II (6)
  • [barbarian] - Constitution I (2)
  • [barbarian] - Toughness II (3)
  • [barbarian] - Might Capstone (2)
  • [dwarf] - Dwarven Spell Defense III (6)
  • [dwarf] - Dwarven Axe Damage II (6)
  • [dwarf] - Constitution I (2)
  • [dwarf] - Toughness II (3)