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Djinn race

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A typical Djinni


Djinn are Air Outsider type monsters.


The Djinn (singular Djinni) are genies from the Elemental Plane of Air.

A djinni is about 10 and a half feet tall and weighs about 1,000 pounds.


Djinn disdain physical combat, preferring to use their magical powers and aerial abilities against foes. A djinni overmatched in combat usually takes flight and becomes a whirlwind to harass those who follow.

Spell-Like Abilities[edit]


  • Whirlwind - A Djinni can transform itself into a whirlwind once every 2 minutes and remain in that form for up to 3 rounds (18 seconds). In this form, it can move through the air or along a surface at its fly speed. It works similar to an Air Elemental's Whirlwind ability in that it lacks any saving throw against its knock-back portion. Its knockdown portion allows a STR/DEX save. Luckily, unlike Air Elementals, Djinn do have limits on how often they can use this ability, so it's best to strike while it's on cooldown. In fact, for most characters the only time - as the Djinn whirlwind also renders them invulnerable to direct damage for a short time (certain indirect attacks and insta-kill spells can still function during this special attack, however).
  • Immune to acid


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