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DPS, is a commonly used misnomer in MMOs for one who deals damage.

It actually stands for Damage Per Second, referring to the measure of a weapon or character's effectiveness, not the actual person.

This is also often used in DDO to refer to a class or build whose primary purpose is damaging enemies. While this term can often denote melee characters which can perform high damage, it can also include ranged and spellcaster classes as well.

Ranged Classes[edit]

Ranger - Arcane Archer
Rogue - Mechanic

Melee Classes[edit]

Fighter - Kensei enhancements
Paladin - Knight of the Chalice enhancements
Ranger - Tempest
Rogue - Assassin
Favored Soul1 - Angel of Vengeance, as well as most Faiths allow for melee bonuses, especially Bladesworn.
Druid - Nature's Warrior enhancements

Spell Caster Classes[edit]

Wizard - Pale Master / Archmage
Favored Soul1 - Angel of Vengeance with the Light of the Flame capstone.


  • 1 - Divine class DPS is often considered secondary to the role of healer. Check with your party leader to confirm your role.

See Also[edit]

There are websites designed to help you calculate your DPS:

To compare your DPS with other characters in game, look e.g. at this forum thread: