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DDO wiki:Todo

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DDO wiki 'Todos'[edit]

Just going to sort of start a list of things that need to be done around the wiki. Maybe some of the other editors will involve themselves in it, or maybe not.

Specific pages[edit]

The List of Templates desperately needs to be cleaned up


Specific categories of pages[edit]

  • Clean up the high-profile pages on the wiki
  • Remove the Template:Navigation from pages that include it (outdated by the new global sitenotice nav

DDO wiki in general[edit]

  • 'This page on other wikis' div
    • above 'other wikis' section
    • smaller
    • technical restrictions?
      • Clarify please, or give an example.
  • Fix the broken <table> on Special:Patrol
    • Broken how? Please clarify what you feel is broken, and I will make an attempt to find a fix and request {{User|Xevo} to apply it.
  • Write up an extension to show subcategories on category pages
    • Why does this need an extension, and isn't this already done?
  • Overflow: auto on <pre>'s to allow scrollbar, no broken line on pre's? Maybe solid instead? Un-uglify pre's in other words
    • <pre /> has been de-uglified via word-wrapping.
  • re-design Category box
    • Clarify please, which Category box?
  • re-design TOC
    • Clarify please, re-design it how?
  • re-design policy/guideline boxes
    • Clarify please, which Category box?
  • Setup the forums on the other wikis to be kept.
  • Add links to the forums and special pages on the other wikis' sidebars.
  • Read some stuff from on more advanced templatization.
  • Fix the {{ 0 | tl }} templates - make subst: or raw: part of the main template, delete the extra {{ 0 | tls }} templates... add a {{{ns}}} parameter too for namespace, with default of 'Template:'.
    • Outdated request?
  • Fix up the table sorter to output a class instead of an image, or make some other way to skin with CSS - then do so
    • tables are sorted via "wikitable sortable"
  • Iffate the character template