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What is[edit] is the biggest DDO-related blog with the latest DDO news, articles and various guides. Created by an avid DDO fan, Holger Mets (known on the forums and generally ingame by the nickname Sleepingcap) along with various articles and segments from other members of the community.


Readers can find segments such as:
Lore-Keepers Lounge (by Leland "Ashurr" Thorn)
Stirge Corner (Corin "Hansol Sphynx" Preston)
Monster Mashup (Sigfried and Anne Trent)
The other side (Zerge)
User Intereference
Up Your DDO!
Learning Curve
Charm Person

Lore-Keepers Lounge[edit]


Lore-Keepers Lounge is a column in which we discover the history and lore in which your Legend is built.

Stirge Corner[edit]


For the not so experienced adventurer. Every seven days we will be looking at easy, quick ways to improve or enhance your DDO playing experience, from game tweaks and strategies and Handy Tips You Might Have Missed through to the just strange but true.

Monster Mashup[edit]


Sigfried and Anne Trent will introduce you to your neighborhood monsters, their history, their habits, and the best ways to maim and destroy them in your quest for glory. This is monster mashup.

The other side[edit]


The other side is a segment on adventuring in Stormreach from the perspective of a hireling. Some of the trials and errors of the Hireling glitches



Wondering whats happening in Lamannia? Lama-Lookout is here with its watchful eye to keep you posted.

User Interference[edit]


User interference is a segment, where you guys can send in your screenshots or ideas regarding the user interface in DDO.

Up Your DDO![edit]


Up Your DDO! is a segment to get your MyDDO blog some fame and glory that it deserves, but just doesn’t seem to get.

Learning Curve[edit]


Newbie-oriented guides for new players of DDO or people who want to improve their understanding of the game. With four guides at the moment there are alot more on the way.

Charm Person[edit]


Charm Person is a column where I contact people who contribute to the DDO community in some ways and we take some time to discuss what they do and who they actually are.



Guildview is a segment where leaders of different guilds take time to answer a couple of questions regarding their community.

Writers of DDO-Daily[edit]

Holger "Sleepingcap" Mets
Leland "Ashurr" Thorn
Corin "Hansol Sphynx" Preston
Sigfried and Anne Trent
Kalari of Sarlona

Contribute to[edit]

Do you think you have something interesting or important to say to the readers of and would be up for the challenge of submitting your own article? Or perhaps even start your own frequent column/segment. Are you not sure whether what you have to say /contribute would be interesting enough? If so, then just send your articles or questions to

Please keep the submissions to less than 800 words or so. If you wish to start a recurring segment, send an e-mail including your idea and I will get back to you and we will see if your idea is good enough to work out.