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Link: YourDDO

YourDDO, formerly known as simply, was featured in the April 27th, 2012 edition of the Eberron Chronicle.

What is YourDDO[edit]

YourDDO is a set of useful web tools created by Ague (Contribs • Message) (you can contact him here at the wiki, or the email address provided at his website) to make working with MyDDO and some of DDO's crafting faster and easier. Over the years, YourDDO has evolved. With the deprecation of the MyDDO API the site has taken a much different path.

Tools available[edit]

Server Status[edit]

Simple tool that displays the current up/down status of the DDO servers (including Lamannia). Also, I have added information on how to embed the Server Status as a widget on your guild webpages. The info can be found directly on the YourDDO Server Status page.

Monster Manual[edit]

Missing some creatures in your Monster Manual? You will be able to scroll through every monster in the game and find the ones you are missing. Every quest/challenge/wilderness area/raid that the monsters are found in are displayed. You are able to search by Volume, Monster Type and Monster Race.

The Monster Manual is now live and ready to be looked through! Good luck finding all your missing enemies!

Crafting Aids[edit]


January 17, 2017
  • Feature Additions
    • Launch of Cannith Crafting Planner
January 16, 2016
  • Feature Additions
    • Launch of the Legendary Green Steel planner
  • Bugfixes and improvements
    • Numerous minor bugs and systems updates throughout
October 31, 2012
  • Feature Additions
    • Unveiled the reskinned, shiny YourDDO
September 5, 2012
  • Feature Additions
    • Launch of the YourDDO Monster Manual
August 22, 2012
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed minor bugs increasing overall performance of the site.
  • Feature Additions
    • Added a server status page to easily and quickly check the status of the DDO game world servers.
July 11, 2012
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed minor bugs increasing overall performance of the site.
    • Guild Rosters will now show guilds without active leaders (in the MyDDO system, since that's where my data is drawn from). However, if there is no active leader AND no active officers, the guild will still not be shown. This is a change in response to the number of PM's I have been receiving about certain guilds not showing up. There are still some special cases that I am working on. You know who you are.
  • Improvements
    • Added some background scripts in preparation of adding specific guild statistics/graphs. This will not effect site performance at all.
May 26, 2012
  • Added Google Translator so all site content can be read in the viewer's native language.
  • Guild Stats Beta has been installed. I hate calling things beta, but until the initial load-up is complete, and final testing is complete, it will remain in beta status.
May 25, 2012
  • Crawling engine added to add all guilds from all servers. All guild that are above level 15 have been added from all live servers. Please be patient if your guild roster is not showing up yet. It may be several days until every guild's roster is initially populated. There are over 17,000 guilds level 15 and above across 8 servers, so just let the site do what it does. If you still can't see your guild's roster by May 28, 2012, PM me here and I will look into the matter.
date unknown
  • Completely rewrote the auto-update engine to fix the error with updating very large guilds
v. 1.1.0
date unknown
  • Added Dynamic Multi-Server Guild Roster
    • To add your guild to the roster, PM Ague (Ague) on the DDO forums here
v. 1.0.0
April 23, 2012
  • Minor bugfixes and tweaks
  • Unleashed out of Beta.
v. 0.1.2
April 9, 2012
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed an issue causing the server dropdown box to fall behind the character sheet image when using the in-game browser
  • Feature Additions
    • Changed the dead links that normally return from the API to point to the DDO Wiki page of the item being examined
v. 0.1.1
March 24, 2012
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed XP display for TR characters. Their max XP now shows up correctly (provided you data in MyDDO is not bugged)
    • Fixed an issue causing IE8 to not display character data.
    • Fixed an issue causing class icons to not display.
    • Fixed <ENTER> key functionality. Pressing <ENTER> will now look up your character properly.
  • Feature Additions
    • Lists characters guild and the position they hold
    • Added the date the information was last "updated" in Turbine's database
    • Added characters currently equipped equipment
    • Added tooltips for equipment icons that work both in the game browser and browsers as old as IE7
    • Added <ENTER> key functionality
    • Corrected display issue with ability modifiers
v. 0.1.0
March 8, 2012
  • Initial public release.

Known Issues[edit]

  • Currently, only named items are brought up when clicking and following the link to the DDO Wiki page. A fix is in the works, but will take several days, possibly a week or 2 of thorough testing before I release it publicly.

Currently In Development[edit]

as of: 26 November 2012

  • Several minor things in the works
  • Gear Planner tool