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Name: Croaker

Race: Drow

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Claw of Vulkoor

Affiliation(s): Raveneye Clan

Location: The Red Fens, Raveneye refugee camp

Description: <Raveneye Lorechanter>

The Red Fens[edit]

If you talk to him, he will reply:

  • Croaker: The sahuagin attacks may have ravaged my clan, outsider, but I have news that our salvation may be at hand! The Claw of Vulkoor, a sign of great power, has appeared near this very camp!
  • Croaker: Vulkoor, god of our people, sent the Claw to bestow his blessings on the chosen, and with his blessing we may be able to defeat the hated sahuagin once and for all. Yet there is a complication, and I need your help.
    • You: What's the problem?
      • Croaker: Earning Vulkoor's favor is never easy! The scorpion god always sets a trial before he bestows his blessing.
      • Croaker: This time the Claw of Vulkoor has appeared not in the Red Fens, but in the hills to the west instead. Those hills belong to the fire giants. The fire giants do not love the drow, but they might listen to an outsider like yourself.
      • Croaker: Our hope is that you will travel to Claw Canyon and negotiate peaceful passage through the fire giants' territory for my people.
        • You: I will go to Claw Canyon and see what I can do. (Bestow quest)
    • You: The Claw of Vulkoor? What's that?
      • Croaker: When Vulkoor wishes to grant my people his blessing, he sends us the Claw of Vulkoor. It is a gigantic scorpion claw that thrusts up out of the ground. It is said it is death for anyone who is not a drow to touch it.
      • You: And what kind of blessing does Vulkoor give you?
      • Croaker: That is not for you to know, outsider. At least not yet. If you help us reach the Claw, then you will learn the Claw's secret.
        • You: What do you need my help for? (See above)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Croaker: Go to Claw Canyon, to the west of here. My people will meet you there.

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Croaker: Thanks to you we have earned the blessing of the scorpion god! Now we can send our blessed warriors to defend us from sahuagin incursions in the Red Fens. Our clan is forever grateful.

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Croaker: Come with us, outsider, as we seek blessings from the Claw of Vulkoor!