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Corrupted Dryad

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Corrupted Dryad.jpg

Type: Fey (List)

Race: Dryad (List)

Sub-race: Corrupted Dryad (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Rare: No

Attack: Call Lightning, Spike Growth, Enveloping Swarm, Ice Storm, Call Lightning Storm; Knife (Slashing), Bow (Piercing)

Special Qualities: DR /Cold Iron; casts Death Ward on self and allies


  • Lost in the Swamp — Common enemy. (DR  ♦6Epic Normal) (CR:  ♠30Elite ♥25Epic Hard)
  • The Druid's Curse — Common enemy. Don't have a tree to retrat into. (DR  ♠13Elite ♦13Epic Normal) (CR:  ♥20Hard ♥28Epic Hard)
  • The King's Forest — Random spawn from any tree. (DR  ●6Epic)

Description: Unlike regular Dryads, Corrupted Dryads will attack players on sight. As with regular dryads, once they are sufficiently damaged, they retreat to their trees to heal.