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Confused monsters attack and are attacked by both monsters and player characters. Confused monsters can use only their basic attack.

Confused player characters are stunned.[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Confused player characters are stunned." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

Note: Do not charm confused monsters. Such monsters cannot be attacked yet they can attack you.

SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) on Discord (paraphrased): Confusion drops the hate list and makes the victim target both friends and foes, then pick the nearest target.

Sources of confusion[edit]

Confused in PnP[edit]

Confused source
A confused character's actions are determined by rolling d% at the beginning of his turn.
1 - 10 = Attack caster with melee or ranged weapons (or close with caster if attacking is not possible.
11 - 20 = Act normally.
21 - 50 = Do nothing but babble incoherently.
51 - 70 = Flee away from caster at top possible speed.
71 - 100 = Attack the nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject's self).
A confused character who can't carry out the indicated action does nothing but babble incoherently.
Attackers are not at any special advantage when attacking a confused character.
Any confused character who is attacked automatically attacks its attackers on its next turn, so long as it is still confused when its turn comes.
A confused character does not make attacks of opportunity against any creature that it is not already devoted to attacking (either because of its most recent action or because it has just been attacked).