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Item:Commendation of Heroism

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Commendation of Heroism

Type This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. Item Commendation of Heroism.png
Description This is a token of favor earned for your heroic actions. It can be redeemed in Eveningstar once you have earned enough favor with the Purple Dragon Knights.
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Value 2,000 pp
CollectorsIcon tooltip.pngCollectors or Crafting Devices where the item may be turned in Mikrom Sum - -
Chest locationsIcon tooltip.pngQuests or Zones that contain chests where the item may drop in a chest Caught in the Web
The Fall of Truth
Quest seriesIcon tooltip.pngQuest or Raid where item may be selected as 3rd or 20th completion reward The Fall of Truth

Drop Rates

  • Caught in the Web raid end chest:
    • Epic Normal: 0-2 per run: 15% each for the guaranteed chest and 15% each for the high Ana health chest. The optional boss chests can't drop them.
    • Epic Hard: 0-2: Drop Rate increases to 30% each.
    • Epic Elite: 1-2: Drop Rate increases to 100%, though keeping Ana healthy will be much more difficult.
    • Commendations do not appear on the special 20th reward list of the raid. [1]
  • The Fall of Truth raid end chest:
    • Epic Normal: 1 per run (1d1)
    • Epic Hard: 1-2 per run (1d2)
    • Epic Elite: 2-3 per run (1d2+1)
    • Commendations always appear on the special 20th reward list of the raid in stacks of 3.

Commendations are Bound to Character. The Caught in the Web raid weapon upgrades require tier 3 Purple Dragon Knights favor (375 favor points) to be redeemed. They can also be turned in for various Epic Gianthold rewards, no favor unlock is required for this.


Cormyrian Dragon Armors (favor unlock required)

You will need 3 of these to get any kind of "Cormyrian Red Dragonscale Armors" and "Cormyrian Green Dragonscale Armors". (see Dragonscale Armor and Mikrom Sum for details).

Caught in the Web Relic upgrades (favor unlock required)

See Mikrom Sum, There are 5 total upgrades:

  • Tier 1: Costs 3 commendations: Adds Planar Conflux set bonus enchantment to your selected weapon
  • Tier 2: Costs 5 commendations: Increase your weapon to +8
  • Tier 3: Costs 7 commendations: Varies by weapon, see full article, generally increases proc damage by 1 step
  • Tier 4: Costs 10 commendations: Adds a red slot to your weapon, except Celestia which gets a Green Slot
  • Tier 5: Fill your red slot. Could potentially cost you yet another Commendation of Heroism if you decide to purchase a ml24 augment in Gianthold.
    • Total cost: 26 commendations. 25 if you don't use a purchased ml24 augment.

Gianthold Upgrades

See Update 17 named items

Greater Tokens of the Twelve

They can be turned in for Greater Token of the Twelve on a one to one (1:1) basis by speaking to Lahar in The Twelve.