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Commander Tesara

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Commander Tesara.jpg

Name: Commander Tesara

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): House Deneith

Location: Gladewatch Outpost Defense, you must protect her

Gladewatch Outpost Defense[edit]

When the quest starts, you must talk to her, so that she starts Loghan's plan:

  • Commander Tesara: You're one of the soldiers Loghan recruited for this mad scheme? I argued against it, but a dragonmarked heir—even one such as Loghan—has more influence than I. So: when you are ready, I will raise the gates, and the raiders will attack. Remember, not one enemy may penetrate Gladewatch Outpost! Have you gathered all the allies you'll need?
    • You: We are ready. Let the battle commence!
      • Commander Tesara: Okay, listen up! If we're going to invite a full-scale invasion of Gladewatch Outpost, you'd better be prepared!
      • Commander Tesara: The marauders of Gladewatch have wanted to take this outpost for a long time. They've waited for their chance. And we're giving it to them—so that we can kill them all!
      • Commander Tesara: When the gates are raised, they'll come straight for us! Our enemies are both vicious and evil! We will face hobgoblins and their bugbear allies, and we must surely defeat the mighty ogre who leads them all!
      • Commander Tesara: If you survive, this chest shall be your reward! Now pull the lever and open the gates! And may the gods of war destroy our enemies!
    • You: Let us wait for more friends.

After she gives out permission to open the gates, you have more options when talking to her. Succeeding will make her follow you.

  • Commander Tesara: What is it, soldier?
    • You: (Diplomacy) Ma'am, we're sitting ducks here. Would you come with me, please?
      • Commander Tesara: (Fail) Not now, soldier.
      • Commander Tesara: (Success) I see your point.
    • You: (Bluff) Ma'am, I have a plan. Come with me! We'll set up an ambush for them!
      • Commander Tesara: (Fail) You're full of it. It's no time for jokes.
      • Commander Tesara: (Success) That's not a bad idea.
    • You: (Intimidate) Come with me, if you want to live!
      • Commander Tesara: (Fail) Stand down, soldier. Aren't you a bit too dramatic?
      • Commander Tesara: (Success) You're right... this is a royal mess. Where to?
    • You: It's nothing, ma'am.

When she is following you, your dialogue options change again:

  • Commander Tesara: We can't leave the outpost unguarded! It must not fall.
    • You: Hold this position, ma'am. I'll be back.
    • You: Don't worry. It won't.

After you defeat the Ogre Leader, she will say:

  • Commander Tesara: And stay down!
  • Commander Tesara: Your reward is in the chest, soldier. Move out!