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Collectable farming

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Collectables are found either in "Treasure Bags" dropped by creatures you kill, or from the various "collectable nodes" (e.g. Bookcases, Mushrooms) you find in the quest landscape.

Collectables come in "sets" of three that are desired by the same collector; Common, Uncommon and Rare. For example the religious icon set consists of "String of Prayer Beads", "Small Wooden Idol", and "Icon of Khyber". Items that require a turn in of 3 are "Common", a turn in of 2 are "Uncommon", and a turn in of 1 are "Rare". You can refer back to the collectables page to find the list of the number required of each type and thus the rarity of any particular item.

Each collectable node or enemy creature type has a number of collectable sets that it can drop. Enemy creatures of a given type usually drop from the same set every time. For example giant type creatures always drop talismans (like Amulet of the Lost Empire) throughout the game. Collectable nodes drop from a choice of up to ten different sets. For example expect Mushrooms to drop collectables from a set with an organic feel, such as a fungus or insect, but not books or documents.

In addition collectable nodes have a level. A Mushroom in a low level dungeon is likely to drop a Sweet Whitecap from tier one, but not a Ruddy Fungus from tier four. You can't tell what level a collectable node is by looking at it. You have to observe what collectables it drops.

Difficulty setting for adventures doesn't matter; you appear to have the same chance of a rare on casual play as anything else.

Common drops are roughly 2/3 likely, uncommon drops roughly 1/4, rares are around 1/10 to 1/20.

Creature Drops[edit]

Creatures seem to drop the same type regardless of their level. You receive the same Prayer Beads from level 1 and level 14 troglodytes for instance. They have to be of the correct type though as seen by examining them. The troglodytes in The Shroud are not the subclass reptile, so do not drop the collectables.

Treasure Bags dropped by creatures can be looted by every member of the party, but will seemingly "disappear" for each individual character when "picked up".

Collectable Node Types[edit]

Piles of Rubble and Adventurer's Packs can drop any of the collectables from within the tier corresponding to their level.

  • Adventurer's Pack (can drop anything)
  • Alchemy Table
  • Bookshelf
  • Cabinet
  • Crude Altar
  • Fungus
  • Mold (looks like fungus but with red spots)
  • Moss (uses same image as fungus)
  • Mushroom (two different images)
  • Rubble (can drop anything)

Also note that, some of these objects can only be searched by one person per instance.

Suggested farming locations[edit]


  • HC/HN/HH/HE: Heroic Casual/Normal/Hard/Elite
  • EC/EN/EH/EE: Epic Casual/Normal/Hard/Elite
Tier Quest levels Arcane Cultural Lore Natural
Alchemy Table, Scroll Rack, some Bookshelf, some Cabinet, some Crude Altar Mob Treasure Bag (Tier 1-3)
Adventurer's Pack and Rubble (all tiers)
some Bookshelf, some Cabinet Bones, Fungus, Moss, Mushroom, some Crude Altar
1 1-5 Collectableicon AmberVial.gif Amber Vial, Tier 1 Arcane, Common ReagentCollectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Vial of Pure Water, Tier 1 Arcane, Uncommon ReagentCollectableicon VialOfContagion.gif Vial of Contagion, Tier 1 Arcane, Rare Reagent Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif String of Prayer Beads, Tier 1 Cultural, Common Religious IconCollectableicon SmallWoodenIdol.gif Small Wooden Idol, Tier 1 Cultural, Uncommon Religious IconCollectableicon IconOfKhyber.gif Icon of Khyber, Tier 1 Cultural, Rare Religious Icon Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Page Torn from a Research Notebook, Tier 1 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Khyber Prayer Pamphlet, Tier 1 Lore, Uncommon DocumentCollectableicon TomePropheciesOfKhyber.gif Tome: Prophecies of Khyber, Tier 1 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Sweet Whitecap, Tier 1 Natural, Common MushroomCollectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Deadly Feverblanch, Tier 1 Natural, Uncommon MushroomCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Pale Creeper, Tier 1 Natural, Rare Mushroom

  • Mob kills
    • Kobolds
    • Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)
    • Wolves
    • Scorpions

2 6-10 Collectableicon SkullFragment.gif Skull Fragment, Tier 2 Arcane, Common ForensicsCollectableicon GlitteringDust.gif Glittering Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Common PigmentCollectableicon PowderedBlood.gif Powdered Blood, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon ForensicsCollectableicon SparklingDust.gif Sparkling Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon PigmentCollectableicon IntactFingerbone.gif Intact Fingerbone, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare ForensicsCollectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Luminescent Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Pigment Collectableicon BladeOfTheDarkSix.gif Blade of the Dark Six, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Primitive ToolsCollectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Funerary Token, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Morbid CuriosCollectableicon SignetOfTheDevourer.gif Signet of the Devourer, Tier 2 Cultural, Unommon Primitive ToolsCollectableicon MarkOfTheKeeper.gif Mark of the Keeper, Tier 2 Cultural, Uncommon Morbid CuriosCollectableicon ShamanicTotem.gif Shamanic Totem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Primitive ToolsCollectableicon NecromanticGem.gif Necromantic Gem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Morbid Curios Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Caravan Logbook, Tier 2 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon PhoenixTavernPurchaseOrder.gif Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order, Tier 2 Lore, Common Financial RecordsCollectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Research Diary, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon DocumentCollectableicon WavecrasherCargoManifest.gif 'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Financial RecordsCollectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik, Tier 2 Lore, Rare DocumentCollectableicon TomeStormreachImportsAndExports857Yk.gif Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Financial Records Collectableicon WitheredCryptmoss.gif Withered Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Common MossCollectableicon CryptmossWormLarva.gif Cryptmoss Worm Larva, Tier 2 Natural, Common MothCollectableicon Cryptmoss.gif Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon MossCollectableicon CryptmossWorm.gif Cryptmoss Worm, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon MothCollectableicon LushCryptmoss.gif Lush Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Rare MossCollectableicon CryptmossQueen.gif Cryptmoss Queen, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moth

  • Mob kills
    • Animated Armor
    • Bugbears
    • Gnolls
    • Hobgoblins
    • Orcs
    • Skeletons
    • Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)

3 11-15 Collectableicon CeramicBowl.gif Ceramic Bowl, Tier 3 Arcane, Common ApparatusCollectableicon SingedSoarwood.gif Singed Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Common SoarwoodCollectableicon Lodestone.gif Lodestone, Tier 3 Arcane, Common OmenCollectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Glass Phial, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon ApparatusCollectableicon CharredSoarwood.gif Charred Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon SoarwoodCollectableicon Moonstone.gif Moonstone, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon OmenCollectableicon CrystalDecanter.gif Crystal Decanter, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare ApparatusCollectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif Lightning-Split Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare SoarwoodCollectableicon StellarOrb.gif Stellar Orb, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheLostEmpire.gif Amulet of the Lost Empire, Tier 3 Cultural, Common TalismanCollectableicon PlanarCrystal.gif Small Planar Crystal, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Infernal EssenceCollectableicon AmuletOfTheSix.gif Amulet of the Six, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon TalismanCollectableicon PlanarSpoor.gif Planar Spoor, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Infernal EssenceCollectableicon AmuletOfTheArchbishop.gif Amulet of the Archbishop, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Talisman Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Runic Parchment, Tier 3 Lore, Common IntelligenceCollectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Romantic Sonnet, Tier 3 Lore, Common LyricCollectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif House-Sealed Letter, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon IntelligenceCollectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Silver Flame Hymnal, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon LyricCollectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Scholarly Notes, Tier 3 Lore, Unommon DocumentCollectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Tome: History of the Houses, Tier 3 Lore, Rare IntelligenceCollectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Tome: Lost Songs of Cyre, Tier 3 Lore, Rare LyricCollectableicon TomeCodesOfTheAurum.gif Tome: Codes of the Aurum, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Bruised Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Common Medicinal SporeCollectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Sour Darkcap, Tier 3 Natural, Common FungusCollectableicon DuskbroodTrumpeter.gif Duskbrood Trumpeter, Tier 3 Natural, Common BeetleCollectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Intact Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Medicinal SporeCollectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif Fragrant Drowshood, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon FungusCollectableicon HeadsmanBeetle.gif Headsman Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon BeetleCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Flowering Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Medicinal SporeCollectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Flowering Hellscap, Tier 3 Natural, Rare FungusCollectableicon ExecutionerBeetle.gif Executioner Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Beetle
  • Mob kills
    • Giants
    • Trolls

4 16-20 Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Blessed Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Ritual Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common AntiquityCollectableicon SilverBowl.gif Silver Bowl, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Vial of Heavy Water, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon AntiquityCollectableicon RitualAthame.gif Ritual Athame, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon StellarOrb.gif Oceanic Sphere, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Antiquity Collectableicon ChippedBoneTalisman.gif Chipped Bone Talisman, Tier 4 Cultural, Common Drow ArtifactCollectableicon IvoryScorpionicon.gif Ivory Scorpion Icon, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Drow ArtifactCollectableicon PolishedOre.gif Polished Ore, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Elemental EssenceCollectableicon TearOfVulkoor.gif Tear of Vulkoor, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Drow ArtifactCollectableicon ElementalIngot.gif Elemental Ingot, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Elemental Essence Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Cryptic Message, Tier 4 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Academic Treatise, Tier 4 Lore, Uncommon TextCollectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook, Tier 4 Lore, Rare Text Collectableicon RuddyFungus.gif Ruddy Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Common FungusCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Swaying Mushroom Cluster, Tier 4 Natural, Common IngredientCollectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Bloodfeast Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon FungusCollectableicon PolishedOre.gif Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon IngredientCollectableicon SanguineMoth.gif Sanguine Moth, Tier 4 Natural, Rare FungusCollectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Glowmoss Clump, Tier 4 Natural, Rare Ingredient

5 21-25 Mortar and Pestle icon.jpg Mortar and Pestle, Tier 5 Arcane, CommonFractured Femur icon.jpg Fractured Femur, Tier 5 Arcane, UncommonPrismatic Dust icon.jpg Prismatic Dust, Tier 5 Arcane, Rare Collectableicon SmolderingEmber.gif Smoldering Ember, Tier 5 Cultural, Common Elemental EssenceStone Fetish icon.jpg Stone Fetish, Tier 5 Cultural, UncommonCollectableicon PlanarTalisman.gif Planar Talisman, Tier 5 Cultural, Rare Infernal Essence Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Mystical Formula, Tier 5 Lore, Common TextWarehouse Ledger icon.jpg Warehouse Ledger, Tier 5 Lore, UncommonEncoded Communique icon.jpg Encoded Communique, Tier 5 Lore, Rare Slime Mold icon.jpg Slime Mold, Tier 5 Natural, CommonZygomycota Fungus icon.jpg Zygomycota Fungus, Tier 5 Natural, CommonGlowmoss Spores icon.jpg Glowmoss Spores, Tier 5 Natural, UncommonBlister Beetle icon.jpg Blister Beetle, Tier 5 Natural, UncommonScarlet Cryptmoss icon.jpg Scarlet Cryptmoss, Tier 5 Natural, Rare

6 26+ Brass Censer icon.jpg Brass Censer, Tier 6 Arcane, CommonPouch of Bone Fragments icon.jpg Pouch of Bone Fragments, Tier 6 Arcane, UncommonVial of Dragon's Blood Ink icon.jpg Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink, Tier 6 Arcane, Rare Flint Knife icon.jpg Flint Knife, Tier 6 Cultural, CommonOrnate Charm icon.jpg Ornate Charm, Tier 6 Cultural, UncommonToken of the Spider icon.jpg Token of the Spider, Tier 6 Cultural, Rare Ancient Text icon.jpg Ancient Text, Tier 6 Lore, CommonArchaic Logbook icon.jpg Archaic Logbook, Tier 6 Lore, UncommonAdventuring Oratorio icon.jpg Adventuring Oratorio, Tier 6 Lore, Rare Crypt Moth icon.jpg Crypt Moth, Tier 6 Natural, CommonHairy Trumpet icon.jpg Hairy Trumpet, Tier 6 Natural, UncommonShimmering Spore Pod icon.jpg Shimmering Spore Pod, Tier 6 Natural, Rare