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Cleric equipment

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Starting a...


Cleric gear is going to be pretty much the same regardless of the build. The melee cleric may carry a wider selection of weapons, and the caster build will be more worried about potency items. But, in general, all builds can make use of the same gear.


Clerics are able to wear Full plate armor, and there is rarely any reason not to put them in it.

Generally, plain old +5 Full plate will work well enough. Conventional wisdom says that there will not be any need for Mithral armor, since clerics rarely have enough Dexterity to fill it out. However, Clerics often have pitiful Balance skill scores, and a Cleric on his/her back isn't helping anyone. Mithral armor shortens downtime considerably. Mithral also helps with additional movement-based skills like Jump and Swim, other traditional Cleric weak points.

Axeblock, Hammerblock, Spearblock, Adamantine or Fearsome can also be a nice addition to the armor. Avoid Guard armors like Acid Guard, Fire Guard, etc. Because the damage they do to the attacker is instantaneous (therefore sometimes beating the attacks of other party members), these have been documented to bring aggro to the cleric in certain encounters.

Dragontouched armor from the Reaver's Refuge can also be an option for end-game players or Dragonscale armor from Gianthold. Typically White scale for melee clerics, Black scale for Generalists or Nannybots, and Blue scale for Offensive Casters.


+5 with Adamantine or perhaps Energy Resistance. Mithral helps movement-based skills like Balance and Jump.

For end-game, the Lorrik's Champion Shield from the Hound of Xoriat raid is optimal, especially when paired with Lorrik's Necklace and/or Dragontouched Armor with Lorrik's on the third tier.

Other useful shields to consider are Light and Darkness and later on Epic Kundarak Warding Shield.


For the melee build and generalist builds, you'll generally carry a selection of maces and morningstars for combat. Casters and Nannybots may chose not to have more than mace, as an emergency backup weapon.

All builds can use weapons that have Devotion or Potency on them to help the effectiveness of their healing spells. Potency will also increase the damage done by offensive spells, but because of this you have to be a higher level to equip a Potency item than you do a Devotion item.

Other weapons to keep an eye out for are Spell Focus ones that increase the DC of your spells. Necromancy for things like Slay Living, Abjuration for Dismissal, or Enchantment for Command.

At higher levels, a weapon to increase your Spell Penetration number may be of use against certain mobs. Although it is rarely needed at low levels since few if any of these mobs have Spell Resistance

As healer it is highly recommended to get either Staff of Fleshshaping that drops in Sinister Storage and rather easy to farm or Scepter of Healing bought for 25 tokens gathered from the Invaders! quest in the harbor. Both are some of the best healer gear there is until the tier 3 version of Lorikk's Champion set.


Devotion Item - As mentioned above, can come in the form of a weapon. But, there are also some clothing items that carry devotion on them. The Splinterskull Acolyte Ring is a good one for low levels. Whether you get it as a clothing item or a weapon will depend on what slots you have open for gear and what the best item you come across is.

Potency Item - Another item that can be weapon or clothing. This will of most use to Offensive casters and some Generalist builds. Other builds may never have any use for one of these. It increase the effectiveness of your healing spells like a devotion item, but also your damage spells like Blade Barrier or Flame Strike.

Power or Wizardry Item - More spell points is always nice. The standard items are Pearl of Power X, Concordant-Opposition Greensteel item / weapon, or Archmagi item. However, any Power, Wizardry, or Magi item will help.

Wisdom Item - All your spell points and casting DCs are based off your wisdom so the higher you can get this the better. A standard mid-to-high level item is the Helm of the Mroranon from the Vault of Night raid.

Charisma Item - Will increase the number of turn undead uses and increase their power. This is very important for any healer which will be using anything requiring a turn dead attempt such as DV or Radiant Servant Blast.

Dexterity Item - Typically just a +3 item, possibly a +4. Just enough to fill out the max DEX on full plate

Constitution Item - Everyone can use more hit points

Fortification Item - Heavy fortification is needed, especially on melee clerics and generalist builds, and can be useful for Casters and Nannybots on the odd occasion they draw aggro.

Feather Fall Item - Clerics fly like rocks. And land like one too.

Underwater Action Item - Clerics also swim like rocks.

Jump Skill Item - Have we mentioned rocks? This isn't a must-have item, but almost no jumping ability, a spare pair of boots or something in your packs to help out at the odd time its needed can be nice. Considering that jump is a STR based skill, it is recommended to craft an item with as much jump & STR as possible based on your character level. At higher levels it may even be possible to craft an item with jump skill and a jump skill clickie.

Balance Skill Item - Oddly enough, for a class that moves like a rock, we are mostly unbalanced rocks. Some DDO mobs love to trip, and you can't heal while you're on your back. These aren't necessary all the time, but should be worn when facing mobs that trip.

Heal Skill Item - Another item you want to have, but won't wear regularly. Typically only when standing next to party members using a shrine. Having a high heal skill will let them get the most out of each shrine and may save you from having to spend mana to finish healing them after they just rested.

Resistance Items - Clerics generally have decent saving throws. But, we have the reflexes of rocks. So a reflex save item never hurts.

False Life Item - Again, more hit points are always good.

Example Equipment[edit]

This is an example equipment list for an mid-game Generalist/Melee cleric. But, it should give an idea for what stats and abilities are going into each equipment slot, and lower level equivalents of most items should be available