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Chimera's Ferocity

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Greater and Legendary Chimera's Ferocity are unique enhancements found on the epic and legendary versions of Chimera's Fang. They grant the user extra bonuses if they possess any Dragonmarks.

Greater Chimera's Ferocity[edit]

Found on: Epic Chimera's Fang

Legendary Chimera's Ferocity[edit]

Found on: Legendary Chimera's Fang

  • This item grants extra bonuses for each unique dragonmark its wielder possesses.
  • Granted by any Dragonmark:
  • Granted by any Mark of Shadow:
    • Mark of Shadow (Lesser Displacement): You gain Lesser Displacement. Opponents have a 25% chance to miss you due to concealment.
  • Granted by any Mark of Scribing:
    • Mark of Scribing (Shield): Provides a +13 Shield bonus to Armor Class. Does not stack with an equipped shield.
  • Granted by any Mark of Sentinel:
    • Mark of Sentinel (Incite) Incite: +124% bonus to Increased threat generated from melee damage.
  • Granted by any Mark of Passage:
    • Mark of Passage (Resistance): +11 Resistance Bonus to Fortitude, Reflex and Will Saving Throws.
  • Granted by any Mark of Finding:
    • Mark of Finding (Insightful Fortification): +73 Insight bonus to the reduced chance of taking bonus damage on a critical hit.
  • Granted by any Mark of Making:
    • Mark of Making (Repair Amplification): +54 Competence bonus to Repair Amplification.