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Character name

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A character is defined by a unique character name. Characters may optionally have a surname.

  • First name character limits:
    • Must be unique per game server
    • Maximum 12 characters
    • Letters only
  • Last name character limits:
    • Maximum 20 characters
    • Letters and spaces


The first name of a character is its main identifier. It's used in features like myDDO, friend list, in-game email and so on. It has to be unique within the context of a given game server. The last name

  • The name must follow DDO Character Naming Policy. The policy enforces usual obvious rules (no profanity, etc.) but also exclude names related to in-game content and NPC.
  • Since SSG never deletes any character (no matter how out-of-date they can be) the number of locked names rises with time. Finding a name when creating a new character might be tricky, so prepare several alternatives.
  • If you choose a name already in use at character creation, the game system will tell you and prompt you for another.
    • However, the game system will let you use the name of a deleted character.
  • Character names can be changed after creation with a Name Change Parchment item purchased through the DDO Store.
    • Check for name change result in chat General tab.
    • The name change is quick but not instantaneous. There's no need to log out to have the change take effect.
    • If failing to rename the character for any reason, the Name Change Parchment item is not destroyed from inventory. It can be used again and again until an available character name is found.
    • Only pristine character names can be considered, so the naming is stricter than upon character creation. Choosing a name that has been already in use for any reason, even if the character bearing it has been deleted, will lead to an error:

(Standard): Your name change is now complete, and your new name is now effective. (Admin): Failed to rename Kotrin (0x020E0000003C5E8A)

    • Name Change Parchment (First Name) and (Surname) are both bound to account as confirmed on 01/20/2013 - So you may purchase these on a character buying other Bound to Character items such as ingredient or collectible bags to take advantage of "Determine Your Discount" codes. You may transfer the BtA parchments after buying in the same cart as your BtC items.

As a rule of thumb, avoid deleting and creating again characters bearing the same name. Alteration of character builds should be done through reincarnation. If you want to try out a few things, however, you can use a dummy character name and reuse it as often as you want. Just don't use this name for any "serious" character you plan to play for a long time.


A character may have a family name or a surname. This surname can be a short character sequence of several words (like "the great"). The surname need not be unique, and has no in-game effect of any kind.

  • The surname must also follow Turbine Character Naming Policy.
  • The surname can be changed via a Name Change Parchment (Surname) item, purchased in the DDO Store.
    • Check for name change result in chat General tab.
  • Although Turbine Character Rename FAQ states that a Name Change Parchment (Surname) item can't be used to remove a character surname but just to change it, this is actually not true.
    • Typing a blank space in the dialog box when prompted for a character surname change will actually clear the surname completely.

(Admin): Successfully changed surname for (Daeren Enlien[M]) (0x020E00000029D010) to (Daeren [M])

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