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Character Sheet (feats)

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Character Sheet
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Character Sheet FEATS.png

The Character Sheet [feats][edit]

Organization options[edit]


  • Organize, contract, expand
    • Organize: Alphabetically
    • Contract: Selecting this option will hide all feats.
    • Expand: Selecting this option will show all feats.

Character feats taken[edit]


  • Feat icons, feat name, feat description
    • Feat icon: A square icon denotes a 'clicky' which can be placed on your hotbar, an octagonal icon is a feat which has been applied and remains applied to your character at all times.
    • Feat name: This simply tells you what feat the icon represents.
    • Feat description: You'll be able to read all about the feat of your choice by hovering your mouse over the icon to see a description of how it works and what it applies to.

Display options[edit]


  • Display Options
    • Show Active (triggered): Again you'll see here a square icon to inform you the feat can be triggered - also in this options description, drag the feat to a hotbar for use later. if you don't want to see this type of feat simply untick the box.
    • Show Passive (always on): If you don't want to see all passive feats which are auto-applied to your character untick this box, if you wish to see them - leave it ticked.
    • Show Unavailable: Selecting this option will allow you to see feats that are applicable to other class's, enhancement tree's or higher levels. This is usually best viewed when you de-select 'Show Active' and 'Show passive' for clarity.
    • Show Trained: Selecting this option is to view where you have spent your skill points as you have leveled your character up, for clarity again - de-select all other options above.