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Chaos Beholderling

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Chaos Beholderling
Chaos Beholderling's Certificate description

Name: Chaos Beholderling

Race: Beholder

Bind: The Chaos Beholderling Certificate is Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire.


A fickle young beholder that likes bouncing off of walls.

DDO Store purchasable?: No

Companion tricks

Beholder Trick - Bite icon.png
Beholder Trick - Bite
Beholder Trick - Play Dead icon.png
Beholder Trick - Play Dead
Beholder Trick - Preen icon.png
Beholder Trick - Preen
Beholder Trick - Yell icon.png
Beholder Trick - Yell
Beholder Trick - Attack icon.png
Beholder Trick - Attack50 DP
Beholder Trick - Dance icon.png
Beholder Trick - Dance95 DP
Beholder Trick - Stare icon.png
Beholder Trick - Stare50 DP
Beholder Trick - Sleep icon.png
Beholder Trick - Sleep50 DP

Monster Manual: Included as a reward in Volume III.


Unlocked by getting 1,600 Beholder kills by your party on one server. The certificate is automatically used when bestowed.