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Category talk:Green Dragonscale items

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Should this category be "Flawless Green Dragonscale items"? ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 10:17, July 14, 2012 (EDT)

Conversation from the IRC chat channel that was had after I went through and changed them all:
10:29:41	ShoeMaker	What's everyone think about Flawless Green and Red Dragonscale item categories?
10:30:15	ShoeMaker	Is "Green Dragonscale items" good enough or should I change it to "Flawless Green Dragonscale items"?
10:30:47	ShoeMaker	I've asked the same question on the talk pages for both green and red scales... I will be copy/pasting any discussion here on it to both.
10:35:26		Kobold_Scribe thinks it should be "Flawless Red/Green Dragonscale items" to be correct.
10:40:15	karl_k0ch		Green Dragonscale items is good enough
10:40:35	karl_k0ch		after all, there is no "Flawless Greendragon scale Item"
10:40:53	karl_k0ch		and there are no other dragonscales than the flawless onese
10:41:36	karl_k0ch		so no need to overformalize thing
10:41:39	karl_k0ch		*things
10:41:54	karl_k0ch		and that comes from a german math geek.
10:42:23	ShoeMaker	What is the name as is on the in-game item?
10:42:57	ShoeMaker	There are Black Dragonscales, Blue Dragonscales, White Dragonscales, Flawless Red Dragonscales, and Flawless Green Dragonscales...
10:43:14	karl_k0ch		but the items are named Cormyrian Green Dragonscale Armor et al
10:43:17	ShoeMaker	the categories should be named as such.
10:43:24	ShoeMaker	Yes, but that is not the material.
10:43:35	ShoeMaker	what are the materials named?
10:43:47	karl_k0ch		shard of the red dragon?
10:44:23	ShoeMaker	That is the Shard for the Velah Red Dragonscale armor which is different than the Cormyrian Red Dragonscale.
10:44:35	ShoeMaker	And both types use Flawless Red Dragonscales.
10:44:52	karl_k0ch		which are the only red dragonscales we know
10:45:24	ShoeMaker	So far..
10:45:36	karl_k0ch		so far.
10:46:18	ShoeMaker	The naming policy is pretty specific that names should match the in-game name... I've already added Flawless to Red/Green...
10:46:52	karl_k0ch		and we have spectral dragonscales, btw
10:47:22	karl_k0ch		anyway, i g2g now. have fun deciding, i dont mind
10:47:49	karl_k0ch		when i search, i'd search for "green dragon scale" not "flawless ..."
10:48:02		*** karl_k0ch quit (Quit: *poof*)
10:49:10	ShoeMaker	And it will still come up with that search, however, if someone searched Flawless Red Dragonscale, and checked all words, it wouldn't come up...
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 10:55, July 14, 2012 (EDT)