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Category:Resistance items

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Anger's GiftCavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 4)Devoted NecklaceJade RingMournlode Breastplate (level 4)Mournlode Chain (level 4)Mournlode Docent (level 4)Mournlode Docent (Level 4)Mournlode Fullplate (level 4)Nimble BroochPathfinder's NecklaceProtector's BroochSanctuaryTroubleshooter's Necklace

Battered Guardian ShieldBlack Wolfskin CloakCavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 8)Corsair's BandanaEnergized Leather ArmorEnergized Platemail ArmorEnergized Temple DocentEnergized Temple RobeEtched Leather ArmorEtched Platemail ArmorEtched Temple DocentGiantcraft Siberys Compass (historic)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 12)Gravnok's BandKrugg's Spiked BootsKundarak Warding ShieldMournlode Breastplate (level 8)Mournlode Chain (level 8)Mournlode Docent (Level 8)Mournlode Docent (level 8)Mournlode Fullplate (level 8)Quenched Leather ArmorQuenched Platemail ArmorRing of the Stormreaver Prophecy (historic)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 12)Robe of ResistanceSmoldering Leather ArmorSmoldering Scalemail ArmorSmoldering Temple DocentSmoldering Temple RobeYaaryar's Magnificent Band

Cavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 12)Cavalry Plate (level 4)Ghost-Waking CloakGhost-Waking Cloak (historic)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 12)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 13)Icy RaimentKundarak Warding BracersMournlode ArmorsMournlode Breastplate (level 12)Mournlode Chain (level 12)Mournlode Docent (Level 12)Mournlode Docent (level 12)Mournlode Fullplate (level 12)Mysterious RingQuilted CapeRabbit GlovesRing of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 13)Shrunken HeadSpiked TurbanTainted Helm of MysteryWeathered Targe

AntithesisBracers of Twisting ShadeBracers of Twisting Shade (Level 16)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 17)Cavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 16)Cavalry Plate (level 8)Creation Forge VambracesEnchanted Darkleaf Banded ArmorFirebreakFirebreak (level 15)Firebreak (level 16)Ghost-Waking CloakGhost-Waking Cloak (Level 13)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 14)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 14)Imbued Darkleaf Banded ArmorLight and DarknessMournlode ArmorsMournlode Breastplate (level 16)Mournlode Docent (Level 16)Mournlode Fullplate (level 16)Ring of the Stormreaver ProphecyRing of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 14)Slave RagsStormsinger Cloak

Boots of the InnocentBracers of Twisting ShadeBracers of Twisting Shade (Level 18)Cavalry PlateCavalry Plate (level 12)Circle of HatredCloak of the DawnCovert CapeDragontouched ArmorDream EdgeElocator's HabilimentEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Envenomed CloakEpic Kundarak Warding BracersEpic Mournlode Docent (Level 20)Epic Mournlode FullplateEpic Spiked TurbanFabricator's GauntletsFaded Hunter's CloakFirebreakFirebreak (level 17)Gloves of the MinerKardin's EyeKardin's Eye (Level 12)Kardin's Eye (Level 13)Kardin's Eye (Level 14)Knight's CloakMournlode ArmorsShade's HoodShade's Hood (Level 14)SorrelStolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 14)Stolen Necklace (Level 15)Stolen Necklace (Level 16)

Ancient GemstoneBracers of Order and ChaosBracers of Twisting ShadeBracers of Twisting Shade (Level 23)Breastplate of the Shining SunCavalry Plate (level 16)Cormyrian Green Dragonhide ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonplate ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale DocentCormyrian Green Dragonscale RobeDeep ArcanumEpic Kundarak Warding ShieldFirebreakFirebreak (level 22)Firebreak (level 23)Ghost-Waking CloakGhost-Waking Cloak (Level 23)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 23)Mournlode ArmorsMournlode Chain (level 16)Mournlode Docent (level 16)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 19)Ring of the Stormreaver ProphecyRing of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 23)Shade's HoodShade's Hood (Level 15)Shade's Hood (Level 16)Spider-spun CaparisonSpidersilk RobesStone HeartTerrorweb Chitin BreastplateVestments of the Sun SoulWar Wizard's Robes

Bracers of Twisting ShadeBracers of Twisting Shade (Level 24)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 25)Cavalry PlateDeath's LocketDeath's Locket (Level 23)Death's Locket (Level 24)Death's Locket (Level 25)Drow Outrunner ArmorEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)FirebreakFirebreak (level 24)Ghost-Waking CloakGhost-Waking Cloak (Level 24)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 25)Giantcraft Siberys CompassGiantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 24)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 25)Iron MittsKardin's EyeKardin's Eye (Level 23)Kardin's Eye (Level 24)Ring of the Stormreaver ProphecyRing of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 24)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 25)

Epic Cavalry Plate (level 20)Epic Mournlode BreastplateEpic Mournlode ChainEpic Mournlode DocentKardin's EyeKardin's Eye (Level 25)Mournlode ArmorsShade's HoodShade's Hood (Level 25)

Epic Cavalry Plate (level 24)Epic Mournlode BreastplateEpic Mournlode ChainEpic Mournlode DocentMournlode ArmorsShade's HoodShade's Hood (Level 26)Shade's Hood (Level 27)Stolen NecklaceStolen Necklace (Level 25)Stolen Necklace (Level 26)Stolen Necklace (Level 27)

Prismatic Cloak, BluePrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreenPrismatic Cloak, Green (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, GreyPrismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, RedPrismatic Cloak, Red (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, VioletPrismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 28)Silver Lining

Epic Belt of Thoughtful RememberanceEpic Boots of the Innocent

Epic Energized Leather ArmorEpic Energized Platemail ArmorEpic Energized Scalemail ArmorEpic Energized Temple DocentEpic Energized Temple RobeEpic Etched Leather ArmorEpic Etched Platemail ArmorEpic Etched Scalemail ArmorEpic Etched Temple DocentEpic Etched Temple RobeEpic Quenched Leather ArmorEpic Quenched Platemail ArmorEpic Quenched Scalemail ArmorEpic Quenched Temple DocentEpic Smoldering Leather ArmorEpic Smoldering Platemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Scalemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Temple Docent

Circle of MalevolenceEpic Cavalry Plate (level 28)Legendary Deep ArcanumLegendary Drow Outrunner ArmorLegendary Slave Rags

Legendary Bracers of Order and Chaos

Barnacled BucklerDumathoin's BracersEpic Chain of ConvictionEpic Death's RampartImplement of the Deep WoodsJeweled CloakJeweled Cloak (Level 12)Jeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Jeweled Cloak (Level 23)Jeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)ResonationStorm in a Bottle


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